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hurried US English

Done in a hurry; rushed

hurried in hurry US English

Move or act with haste; rush

hurry up in hurry US English

Do something more quickly

hurried US Thesaurus

a hurried greeting

hurried English-Spanish

rápido, apresurado

he hurried past in past English-Spanish

pasó a toda prisa

he hurried in/out in hurry English-Spanish

entró/salió corriendo

they were hurried into signing in hurry English-Spanish

los apremiaron para que firmaran

a hurried conversation over the phone in hurried English-Spanish

una brevísima conversación telefónica

I was hurried into that decision in hurry English-Spanish

me hicieron tomar esa decisión precipitadamente

he scribbled a hurried note to her in scribble English-Spanish

le escribió una notita a las corridas

she hurried after him with his umbrella in hurry English-Spanish

corrió tras él para devolverle el paraguas

extra police were hurried to the scene in hurry English-Spanish

inmediatamente mandaron refuerzos al lugar de los hechos

I hurried to correct the false impression they'd received in hurry English-Spanish

me apresuré a corregir la idea falsa que se habían hecho

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