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impose US English

Force (something unwelcome or unfamiliar) to be accepted or put in place

impose oneself in impose US English

Exert firm control over something

reimpose US English

Impose (something, especially a law or regulation) again after a lapse

impose US Thesaurus

he imposed his ideas on the art director

impose English-Spanish


I don't wish to impose, but … in impose English-Spanish

no quisiera molestar, pero …

to impose sanctions against sb in sanction English-Spanish

imponer* sanciones contra algn

to impose on sb's generosity/goodwill/hospitality in impose English-Spanish

abusar de la generosidad/buena voluntad/hospitalidad de algn

if I may impose myself on you for a few more days in impose English-Spanish

si puedo abusar de su amabilidad quedándome unos días más, si es tan amable de aguantarme unos días más

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