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impossible US English

Not able to occur, exist, or be done

impossible dream US English

A highly desirable yet seemingly unattainable goal or aspiration

impossible US Thesaurus

gale-force winds made fishing impossible

impossible English-Spanish


that's impossible/wonderful! in that English-Spanish

¡es imposible/maravilloso!

it's clearly impossible/absurd in clearly English-Spanish

es a todas luces imposible/absurdo, está claro que es imposible/absurdo

fine words but it's impossible in word English-Spanish

suena muy bien pero resulta imposible

to make life impossible for sb in impossible English-Spanish

hacerle* la vida imposible a algn

to ask/do/attempt the impossible in impossible English-Spanish

pedir*/hacer*/intentar lo imposible

it's impossible to suit everybody in suit English-Spanish

es imposible contentar a todo el mundo

I'd always thought it impossible before now in now English-Spanish

hasta ahora había pensado que era imposible

it's impossible to set a value on life in set English-Spanish

es imposible ponerle precio a la vida

it's impossible to hold a serious conversation with him in hold English-Spanish

es imposible mantener una conversación seria con él

it was impossible to hide from his father's wrath in hide English-Spanish

era imposible escapar a la ira de su padre

I work on the principle that nothing is impossible in principle English-Spanish

yo parto de la base de que nada es imposible

it's impossible to shift him now he's made up his mind in shift English-Spanish

ahora que se ha decidido, no hay quien lo haga cambiar de opinión

it is impossible to cover all the ground in two lectures in ground English-Spanish

es imposible desarrollar todos los aspectos del tema en dos conferencias

he has maneuvered them into an impossible negotiating position in maneuver English-Spanish

ha logrado ponerlos en una posición muy difícil para negociar

it's impossible for two people to use the machine at the same time in impossible English-Spanish

es imposible que dos personas utilicen la máquina al mismo tiempo

she found it impossible to sustain the role of submissive housewife in sustain English-Spanish

le resultó imposible continuar en el papel de esposa sumisa

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