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intended US English

Planned or meant

intend US English

Have (a course of action) as one’s purpose or objective; plan

be intended for in intend US English

Be meant or designed for (a particular person or group) to have or use

intended US Thesaurus

the hit was not intended

intended English-Spanish

intencionado, deliberado

no insult was intended in intend English-Spanish

no fue mi intención ofender

the sarcasm was intended for him in intend English-Spanish

el sarcasmo iba dirigido a él

the remark was not intended to be humorous in humorous English-Spanish

el comentario no pretendía ser gracioso

she intended to marry him come hell or high water in hell English-Spanish

pensaba casarse con él contra viento y marea

my remarks had the opposite effect to that intended in opposite English-Spanish

mis observaciones tuvieron el efecto contrario

the sign is intended to give a warning to travelers in warning English-Spanish

la señal está ahí como advertencia a los viajeros

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