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internal US English

Of or situated on the inside

internal US Thesaurus

the internal structure of the building

internal clock US English

A person’s innate sense of time

internal energy US English

The energy in a system arising from the relative positions and interactions of its parts

internal exile US English

Penal banishment from a part of one’s own country

internal market US English

Another term for single market.

internal rhyme US English

A rhyme involving a word in the middle of a line and another at the end of the line or in the middle of the next

internal evidence US English

Evidence derived from the contents of the thing discussed

internal combustion engine US English

An engine that generates motive power by the burning of gasoline, oil, or other fuel with air inside the engine, the hot gases produced being used to drive a piston or do other work as they expand

total internal reflection US English

The complete reflection of a light ray reaching an interface with a less dense medium when the angle of incidence exceeds the critical angle