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iron US English

A strong, hard magnetic silvery-gray metal, the chemical element of atomic number 26, much used as a material for construction and manufacturing, especially in the form of steel

Fe in iron US English

A strong, hard magnetic silvery-gray metal, the chemical element of atomic number 26, much used as a material for construction and manufacturing, especially in the form of steel

iron US Thesaurus

a ship built of iron

nickel–iron US English

Consisting of or containing an alloy of nickel and iron.

iron-on US English

Able to be fixed to the surface of a fabric by ironing

no-iron US English

(Of clothes or fabric) wrinkle-resistant, and so not needing to be ironed after washing

blue iron US English

(Also blue iron ore) an iron-containing ore or mineral of a blue colour; especially (also blue iron earth) = vivianite.

bog iron US English

Soft, spongy goethite deposited in bogs

cast iron US English

A hard, relatively brittle alloy of iron and carbon that can be readily cast in a mold and contains a higher proportion of carbon than steel (typically 2.0-4.3 percent)

dog iron US English

A firedog.

dumb iron US English

A curved side piece of a vehicle chassis, to which the front springs are attached

grey iron US English

(More fully grey cast iron) cast iron that has a grey fracture and contains most of its carbon in the form of flakes of graphite.

hoop iron US English

Flattened iron in long thin strips used for binding together the staves of casks or tubs

iron hand US English

Used to refer to firmness or ruthlessness of attitude or behavior

Iron Age US English

A period that followed the Bronze Age, when weapons and tools came to be made of iron

iron alum US English

Chemistry. Each of two hydrated double sulphates of (ferric) iron and (respectively) potassium and ammonium, belonging to the series of alums and typically pale violet in colour.

iron blue US English

A greyish-blue colour.

iron bomb US English

A thick-walled iron container used to hold material for chemical or physical experimentation at high pressure. Now rare.

iron buff US English

A dye for cotton consisting of hydrated ferric oxide, prepared in situ by impregnating the fabric with an iron salt, treating it with alkali, and oxidizing.

iron cap US English

= gossan.

Iron City US English

(With the) the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

iron clay US English

Geology. Ironstone containing much clay.

iron fall US English

An iron meteorite, especially one whose descent was observed.

iron-free US English

Containing no iron.

iron gang US English

A group of convicts assigned to hard labour in fetters

Iron Gate US English

A gorge through which a section of the Danube River flows and forms part of the boundary between Romania and Serbia. Navigation was improved by means of a ship canal constructed through it in 1896

iron gear US English

Articles made of iron; ironwork, ironmongery.

iron gray US English

A dark gray color

iron gum US English

(More fully iron gum-tree) any of several eucalypts of eastern Australia which have particularly strong wood; frequently with distinguishing word.

iron hail US English

Iron projectiles discharged in battle.

iron-hard US English

As hard as iron; extremely hard. rare before 19th cent.

iron hat US English

Armour. A helmet made of iron. Now historical.

iron heel US English

(An instrument of) ruthless or unrelenting destruction or oppression, especially political oppression.

iron lace US English

Intricate architectural decorative work in cast iron of a kind originally used on 19th-century terraced houses

Iron Lady US English

A nickname given to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, with reference to her allegedly ruthless and inflexible approach

iron loss US English

= core-loss.

iron lung US English

A rigid case fitted over a patient’s body, used for administering prolonged artificial respiration by means of mechanical pumps

iron maid US English

= iron maiden.

iron man US English

(Especially in sporting contexts) an exceptionally strong or robust man

iron-mark US English

Of a person or animal: to be branded with a hot iron.

iron mask US English

A mask made of iron, especially one worn for protection or as a punishment.

iron mike US English

A device (frequently personified) which automatically keeps a ship on a preset heading; = automatic helmsman; also in extended use.

iron mill US English

A factory in which iron is manufactured or processed.

iron mine US English

A mine in which iron ore is excavated from the ground.

iron mold US English

A spot caused by rust or an ink stain, especially on fabric

iron mole US English

A spot or stain on cloth, paper, etc., caused by iron rust or ink containing iron salts.

iron oak US English

Any of several oaks with particularly durable wood; especially the post oak, Quercus stellata, of eastern North America.

iron ore US English

A rock or mineral from which iron can be profitably extracted

iron pan US English

A hardpan in which iron oxides are the chief cementing agents

iron play US English

The action of playing with irons; play involving irons.

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