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Jock US English

A Scotsman (often as a form of address)

jock1 US English

A disc jockey

jock2 US English

another term for jockstrap.

jock3 US English

A pilot or astronaut

jock itch US English

A fungal infection of the groin area

rock jock US English

A mountaineer

shock jock US English

A disc jockey on a talk-radio show who expresses opinions in a deliberately offensive or provocative way

jockstrap US English

A support or protection for the male genitals, worn especially by athletes

jock English-Spanish

deportista m

Jock in jock English-Spanish

escocés m

shock jock English-Spanish

locutor que busca entretener o tratar temas polémicos siendo provocador u ofensivo con las personas que llaman a su programa