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key1 US English

A small piece of shaped metal with incisions cut to fit the wards of a particular lock, and that is inserted into a lock and turned to open or close it

key2 US English

A low-lying island or reef, especially in the Caribbean

Key, Francis Scott US English

(1779–1843), US lawyer and poet. A witness to the successful US defense against the British bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore in September 1814, he wrote the poem “Defence of Fort M’Henry.” The poem was later set to music, renamed “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and, in 1931, adopted as the US national anthem

Key, John US English

(B.1961), New Zealand National Party statesman, Prime Minister since 2008; full name John Phillip Key

key US Thesaurus

I put my key in the lock

in key US English

In (or out of) harmony

Alt key US English

A key on a keyboard that when pressed at the same time as another key gives the second key an alternative function

ash key US English

The winged fruit of an ash tree, growing in clusters resembling bunches of keys

end key US English

(Usually with capital initial) a key on a keyboard which is typically used to move to the bottom of a document being viewed, or to move the cursor to the end of a line of editable text.

hot key US English

A key or a combination of keys providing quick access to a particular function within a program

key bed US English

Mechanics = keyway (now rare).

key bit US English

The part of a key that engages with the lever of a lock.

key box US English

Music a box-like compartment on various musical instruments in which the keys are housed.

key fob US English

A tab or decorative object attached to a key chain or key ring; (now) specifically a tab incorporating a small electronic device for locking and unlocking a vehicle or performing other tasks remotely.

key log US English

A log which when removed or dislodged enables the loosening of a logjam.

key man US English

A man who plays a leading or important role in a group, an industry, etc.

key map US English

A map drawn in bare outline, to simplify the use of a full map

key pin US English

A pin or thin rod used to hold something in place; compare sense A. 12a.

low-key US English

Not elaborate, showy, or intensive; modest or restrained

nut-key US English

A tool for gripping or removing nuts.

off-key US English

(Of music or singing) not having the correct tone or pitch; out of tune

pin key US English

A key with a solid stem.

low-key US Thesaurus

she conducted a low-key campaign

off-key US Thesaurus

an off-key rendition of a popular hymn

arrow key US English

Any one of four keys on a computer or other electronic keyboard which are marked with an arrow or arrow-head and move the cursor around the screen in the direction indicated by the arrow.

boss key US English

A computer game facility which enables users to avoid detection when playing at work by displaying a spreadsheet or other fake display when a certain key is pressed

chuck key US English

A small metal device for tightening the chuck of a drill so that it holds the drill bit securely

Greek key US English

A pattern of interlocking right-angled spirals

hash key US English

A button on a computer keyboard or telephone keypad that is marked with a # sign

help key US English

A button on a mobile phone, computer keyboard, or other electronic device that, when pressed, gives assistance to the user in the form of displayed instructions

high-key US English

Having a predominance of light or bright tones

home key US English

The basic key in which a work is written; the tonic key

key band US English

Originally: a band of leather, fabric, metal, etc., for carrying keys and keeping them together. Later chiefly: a band or strap holding the key for a locker at a swimming pool, sports centre, etc., typically worn round the wrist or ankle.

key block US English

A block placed at the summit of an arch or other structure, locking the whole together; a keystone.

key bolt US English

A bolt which is secured by a key or cotter, rather than by a thread and nut.

key-bone US English

The clavicle (now rare).

key bugle US English

A bugle fitted with keys to increase the range of sounds it can produce.

key card US English

A small plastic card that can be used instead of a door key, bearing magnetically encoded data that can be read and processed by an electronic device

key chord US English

A chord having a keynote as its root; = tonic chord.

key-clog US English

A piece of wood tied to a key to prevent it from being easily lost.

key code US English

The unique identifying code number given to a particular cut or design for a key.

key-cold US English

Extremely cold; devoid of heat (sometimes with connotations of death). Compare stone-cold. In later use chiefly literary.

Key deer US English

A white-tailed deer of the small subspecies Odocoileus virginianus clavium, confined to the Florida Keys and now endangered.

key desk US English

A case enclosing the keys and stops of an organ; = console.

key drop US English

(Especially in a hotel) a secure box in which keys can be deposited in the absence of a member of staff.

key field US English

A field or set of fields in a database which constitutes a unique identifier for a record.

key file US English

A thin flat file for filing incisions in keys; a warding file.

key grip US English

The person in a film crew who is in charge of the camera equipment

Key Largo US English

A resort island off the southern coast of Florida, the northernmost and the longest of the Florida Keys

key light US English

The main source of light in a photograph or film

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