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knot1 US English

A fastening made by tying a piece of string, rope, or something similar

knot2 US English

A small, relatively short-billed sandpiper, with a reddish-brown or blackish breast in the breeding season

knot US Thesaurus

make a small knot

love-knot US English

Figurative and in allusive use. Something that constitutes or maintains a union based on love; a tie or bond of love.

pine knot US English

A knot of pinewood, especially when burned as fuel for a fire or to provide illumination.

reef knot US English

A square knot, originally used for reefing sails

root-knot US English

A disease of cultivated flowers and vegetables caused by eelworm infestation, resulting in galls on the roots

slip knot US English

A knot that can be undone by a pull

wall knot US English

A knot made at the end of a rope by intertwining strands to prevent unraveling or act as a stopper

barrel knot US English

Another term for blood knot.

black knot US English

Irish English a knot which is difficult to undo (now rare).

blood knot US English

A type of knot used by anglers to join two fishing lines

crown knot US English

A knot made tying the separate strands of an unlaid rope, used either as a temporary means of preventing the end of a rope from unlaying or as the first stage of making a back splice.

French knot US English

(In embroidery) a stitch in which the thread is wound around the needle, which is then passed back through the fabric at almost the same point to form a small dot

granny knot US English

A square knot with the ends crossed the wrong way and therefore liable to slip or jam

knot garden US English

A formal garden laid out in an intricate design

loving knot US English

= love-knot.

nerve-knot US English

A ganglion.

pitch knot US English

The pitchy knot of a pine or other tree, usually burned as a fuel or to provide light.

Psyche knot US English

= Grecian knot.

ribbon knot US English

A piece of ribbon knotted in the middle and used for decorative purposes.

rough knot US English

A rough or unsophisticated seaman.

square knot US English

A type of double knot that is made symmetrically to hold securely and to be easy to untie

sword knot US English

A ribbon or tassel attached to a sword hilt, originally for securing it to the wrist

water knot US English

A kind of knot used to join two fishing lines

bullion knot US English

A decorative stitch in embroidery made by winding the thread several times around the needle before sewing a backstitch

Gordian knot US English

An extremely difficult or involved problem

man-rope knot US English

A knot tied with the strands at the end of a rope to serve as a handhold.

overhand knot US English

A simple knot made by forming a loop and passing a free end around the standing part and through the loop

porter's knot US English

A double shoulder pad and forehead loop used for carrying loads

running knot US English

A knot that slips along the rope and changes the size of the loop it forms

shoulder knot US English

A knot of ribbon, metal, or lace worn as part of ceremonial dress

surgeon's knot US English

A square knot with one or more extra turns in the first half knot

true-love knot US English

A kind of knot with interlacing bows on each side, symbolizing the bonds of love

weaver's knot US English

A sheet bend used for joining threads in weaving

Windsor knot US English

A large, loose triangular knot in a necktie, produced by making extra turns when tying

fisherman's knot US English

A knot used to join two small ropes by tying an overhand knot in the end of each around the opposite standing part

tie the knot US English

Get married

Portuguese knot US English

Any of various types of knot.

French shroud knot US English

A knot in which the ends of two ropes are spliced by tying the separated individual strands to each other.

German knot stitch US English

= coral-stitch.

porphyry knot-horn US English

A knot-horn moth, Trachycera (or Numonia) suavella, having wings with coloration resembling that of porphyry.

minor shoulder-knot US English

A Eurasian noctuid moth, Brachylomia viminalis, of heaths and damp woodland, having greyish white forewings and whitish hindwings, but with melanic forms widespread in the British Isles.

running bowline knot US English

= running bowline.

cut the Gordian knot US English

Solve or remove a problem in a direct or forceful way, rejecting gentler or more indirect methods

Prince of Wales knot US English

A style of knot used in tying neckties, popularly associated with the Prince of Wales.

bowknot US English

A double-looped knot in a ribbon, tie, or other fastening

topknot US English

A knot of hair arranged on the top of the head

knothole US English

A hole in a piece of timber where a knot has fallen out, or in a tree trunk where a branch has decayed

knotwork US English

Ornamental work consisting of or representing intertwined and knotted cords

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