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league1 US English

A collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual protection or cooperation

league2 US English

A former measure of distance by land, usually about three miles

league US Thesaurus

a league of nations

in league US English

Conspiring with another or others

big league US English

A group of teams in a professional sport, especially baseball, competing for a championship at the highest level

bush league US English

A minor league of a professional sport, especially baseball

Holy League US English

Any of various European alliances sponsored by the papacy during the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. They include the League of 1511–13, formed by Pope Julius II to expel Louis XII of France from Italy, and the French Holy League (also called the Catholic League) of 1576 and 1584, a Catholic extremist league formed during the French Wars of Religion

Ivy League US English

A group of long-established colleges and universities in the eastern US having high academic and social prestige. It includes Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, and the University of Pennsylvania

Land League US English

An Irish organization formed in 1879 to campaign for tenants' rights. Its techniques included the use of a boycott against anyone taking on a farm from which the tenant had been evicted. The Land Act of 1881 met many of the League’s demands

bush-league US Thesaurus

don't get involved with these bush-league investors

Delian League US English

An alliance of ancient Greek city states, dominated by Athens, that joined in 478–447 bc against the Persians. The league was disbanded on the defeat of Athens in the Peloponnesian War (404 bc), but again united under Athens' leadership against Spartan aggression in 377–338 bc

Gaelic League US English

A movement founded in 1893 to revive Irish language and culture

league table US English

A list of the competitors in a league, showing their ranking according to performance in a particular season

Little League US English

Youth baseball or softball under the auspices of an organization founded in 1939, for children up to age 12

major league US English

The highest-ranking league in a particular professional sport, especially baseball

minor league US English

A league below the level of the major league in a particular professional sport, especially baseball

Muslim League US English

One of the main political parties in Pakistan. It was formed in 1906 in India to represent the rights of Indian Muslims; its demands from 1940 for an independent Muslim state led ultimately to the establishment of Pakistan

rugby league US English

A form of rugby played in teams of thirteen, originally by a group of northern English clubs that separated from rugby union in 1895. Besides having somewhat different rules, the game differed from rugby union in always allowing professionalism

American League US English

One of the two major leagues in American professional baseball

Catholic League US English

See Holy League.

hot-stove league US English

Sports fans, especially baseball fans in the off season, who discuss players, teams, and the upcoming season

league football US English

Soccer or Australian Rules football played in one of a country’s main professional leagues

National League US English

One of the two major leagues in American professional baseball

Premier League US English

The top division of professional soccer in England and Wales

Primrose League US English

A political association, formed in memory of Benjamin Disraeli (whose favourite flower was reputedly the primrose) in 1883, to promote and sustain the principles of Conservatism as represented by him

Anti-Corn-Law League US English

A pressure group formed in Britain in 1838 to campaign for the repeal of the Corn Laws, under the leadership of Richard Cobden and John Bright

Champions League US English

The major annual competition for soccer clubs in Europe, administered by UEFA

Hanseatic League US English

A medieval association of northern German cities, formed in 1241 and surviving until the 19th century. In the later Middle Ages it included over 100 towns and functioned as an independent political power

rotisserie league US English

An association of individuals who simulate selecting, managing, and playing baseball, using the names and statistics of actual professional players to determine results

Spartacus League US English

A German revolutionary socialist group founded in 1916 by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (1871–1919). At the end of 1918 the group became the German Communist Party, which in 1919 organized an uprising in Berlin that was brutally crushed

La Leche League US English

An international nonprofit breastfeeding advocacy group. Local chapters hold meetings to provide breastfeeding information and support

League of Nations US English

An association of countries established in 1919 by the Treaty of Versailles to promote international cooperation and achieve international peace and security. It was powerless to stop Italian, German, and Japanese expansionism leading to World War II and was replaced by the United Nations in 1945

League of Arab States US English

An organization of Arab states, founded in 1945 in Cairo, whose purpose is to ensure cooperation among its member states and protect their independence and sovereignty

National Football League US English

The major professional football league in the US, consisting of the National and American football conferences and totaling thirty-one teams

Solemn League and Covenant US English

An agreement made in 1643 between the English Parliament and the Scottish Covenanters during the English Civil War, by which the Scots would provide military aid in return for the establishment of a Presbyterian system in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Although the Scottish support proved crucial in the Parliamentary victory, the principal Presbyterian leaders were expelled from Parliament in 1647 and the covenant was never honored

in league in league1 US English

Conspiring with another or others

the big league in big league US English

A very successful or important group

nonleague US English

Denoting or relating to a team, game, or match that is not affiliated with a country’s main professional leagues

in league with in league US Thesaurus

in league with the drug cartel