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leave1 US English

Go away from

leave2 US English

Time when one has permission to be absent from work or from duty in the armed forces

leave3 US English

Put forth leaves

leave1 US Thesaurus

I left the hotel

leave2 US Thesaurus

the judge granted leave to appeal

leave of absence in leave2 US English

Time when one has permission to be absent from work or from duty in the armed forces

keep one's options open US English

Not commit oneself

leave off US English

Discontinue (an activity)

rec leave US English

Time off from work for recreational purposes

way leave US English

A right of way granted by a landowner, generally in exchange for payment and typically for purposes such as the erection of telegraph wires or laying of pipes

shore leave US English

Leisure time spent ashore by a sailor

sick leave US English

Leave of absence granted because of illness

family leave US English

An excused absence from work for the purpose of dealing with family matters, especially the birth or adoption of a child or to care for a sick parent or spouse

French leave US English

An unauthorized or unannounced departure; absence without permission

leave loading US English

A bonus payment to an employee when annual leave is taken

leave-taking US English

An act of saying goodbye

leave school US English

Discontinue one’s education

gardening leave US English

An employee’s suspension from work on full pay for the duration of a notice period, typically to prevent them from having any further influence on the organization or from accessing confidential information

maternity leave US English

A period of absence from work granted to a mother before and after the birth of her child

paternity leave US English

A period of absence from work granted to a father after or shortly before the birth of his child

by-your-leave US English

Request for permission

leave hold of US English

Cease holding

by your leave US English

With your permission

leave its mark US English

Have a lasting or significant effect

compassionate leave US English

A period of absence from work granted to someone as the result of particular personal circumstances, especially the death of a close relative

leave someone be US English

Refrain from disturbing or interfering with someone

leave someone cold US English

Fail to interest someone

leave it at that US English

Abstain from further comment or action

long service leave US English

A period of paid leave granted to an employee who has served a specified period of continuous employment

ticket of leave US English

A document granting certain concessions, especially leave, to a prisoner or convict who had served part of their time

ajar1 US English

(Of a door or other opening) slightly open

beg US English

Ask formally for (permission to do something)

be left in leave1 US English

Remain to be used or dealt with

leave the door open US English

Ensure that there is still an opportunity for something

take it or leave it US English

Said to express that the offer one has made is not negotiable and that one is indifferent to another’s reaction to it

leave something to in leave1 US English

Entrust a decision, choice, or action to (someone else, especially someone considered better qualified)

unsaid1 US English

Past and past participle of unsay.

unsaid2 US English

Not said or uttered

leave no stone unturned US English

Try every possible course of action in order to achieve something

leave someone/something alone US English

Abandon or desert someone or something

leave much to be desired US English

Be highly unsatisfactory

take leave of one's senses US English

(In hyperbolic use) go insane

leave someone/something standing US English

Be much better or make much faster progress than someone or something else

let someone/something alone in leave someone/something alone US English

Stop disturbing or interfering with someone or something

leave off in leave1 US English

Discontinue (an activity)

leave something out of account US English

Fail or decline to consider a factor

leave someone to their own devices US English

Leave someone to do as they wish without supervision

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