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liable US English

Responsible by law; legally answerable

liable to in liable US English

Likely to experience (something undesirable)

liable US Thesaurus

they are liable for negligence

liable English-Spanish


to be liable for sth English-Spanish

ser* responsable, responder

to be liable to sth English-Spanish

ser* propenso, tener* propensión

to hold sb liable in liable English-Spanish

responsabilizar* a algn, considerar a algn responsable

any income is liable for tax in liable English-Spanish

cualquier ingreso es gravable

liable to alteration without notice in liable English-Spanish

sujeto a cambios sin previo aviso

to be jointly and severally liable for … in jointly English-Spanish

ser* individual y colectivamente responsables de …, ser* solidaria y mancomunadamente responsables de …

you will be liable to a 15% surcharge in liable English-Spanish

le pueden hacer un recargo del 15%

the earlier model was liable to overheat in liable English-Spanish

el modelo anterior tenía tendencia a recalentarse

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