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license US English

A permit from an authority to own or use something, do a particular thing, or carry on a trade (especially in alcoholic beverages)

cross-license US English

Give one party a license to use (patented or copyright material) in return for a similar license

license plate US English

A sign affixed to a vehicle displaying a series of letters or numbers indicating that the vehicle has been registered with the state

poetic license US English

The freedom to depart from the facts of a matter or from the conventional rules of language when speaking or writing in order to create an effect

runtime license US English

A relatively broad software license enabling the holder to operate software on a network and in some cases to distribute it with other products

license number US English

The series of letters or numbers identifying a vehicle, displayed on a license plate

driver's license US English

A document permitting a person to drive a motor vehicle

marriage license US English

A license that a couple must obtain before getting married

license to print money US English

A very lucrative commercial activity, typically one perceived as requiring little effort

license to print money in license US English

A very lucrative commercial activity, typically one perceived as requiring little effort

relicense US English

License or authorize again

sublicense US English

A license granted to a third party by a licensee, extending some rights or privileges that the licensee enjoys

driving licence US English

British term for driver's license.

a license to do something in license US English

A reason or excuse to do something wrong or excessive

vanity plate US English

A vehicle license plate bearing a distinctive or personalized combination of letters, numbers, or both

license US Thesaurus

a driver's license

license English-Spanish

permiso masculine, licencia feminine

gun license English-Spanish

licencia feminine de armas

license fee English-Spanish

cantidad que se paga por tener un televisor

license plate English-Spanish

matrícula feminine, placa feminine, patente feminineSouthern Cone/Cono Sur, chapa feminineRiver Plate area/Río de la Plata

export license English-Spanish

permiso masculine de exportación, licencia feminine de exportación

fishing license English-Spanish

permiso, licencia feminine de pesca

poetic license English-Spanish

licencia feminine poética

license holder English-Spanish

titular de un permiso o licencia

license agreement English-Spanish

licencia feminine

liquor license in license English-Spanish

permiso para vender bebidas alcohólicas

pilot's license in license English-Spanish

licencia de piloto, brevet masculineSouthern Cone/Cono Sur

television license in television English-Spanish

licencia que debe obtenerse para poseer un receptor de televisión

import/export license in license English-Spanish

permiso de importación/exportación

they were married by special license in license English-Spanish

se casaron con una licencia especial

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