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life US English

The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death

end one's days US English

Spend the final part of one’s existence in a specified place or state

the struggle for existence US English

The competition between organisms, especially as an element in natural selection, or between people seeking a livelihood

life US Thesaurus

the joy of giving life to a child

work–life US English

Of or relating to both work and personal life; designating the relationship between the two. Especially in work–life balance.

a-life US English

Short for artificial life.

city life US English

Life as experienced in a city, especially when contrasted with that in a small town, village, etc.; the lifestyle regarded as typical of the inhabitants of a city.

germ life US English

The life of a germ, or life at the stage of a germ.

good life US English

A life of luxury, pleasure, or material comfort.

half-life US English

The time taken for the radioactivity of a specified isotope to fall to half its original value

high life US English

An extravagant social life as enjoyed by the wealthy

home life US English

A person’s family, personal relationships, and domestic interests considered as a whole

late-life US English

Of, relating to, or occurring relatively late in a person's life.

see life US English

Gain a wide experience of the world, especially its more pleasurable aspects

to the life US English

Exactly like the original

life care US English

US long-term residential care, especially for the elderly, in which accommodation and medical services are purchased for life; frequently attributive.

life cord US English

= life string (in modern use especially a spinal or umbilical cord); also in extended use.

life form US English

Any living thing

life gun US English

A gun used for sending a communication line or lifesaving apparatus to a vessel in distress.

life list US English

A list of all the kinds of birds observed by a person during his or her life

life mask US English

A cast (in plaster or a similar material) taken from the face of a living person.

life net US English

A net used to save the life of a falling person, especially a safety net held by rescuers to catch people jumping from a burning building.

life peer US English

(In the UK) a peer whose title cannot be inherited

life raft US English

A raft, typically inflatable, for use in an emergency at sea

life rate US English

The rate or sum for which a life may be insured.

life root US English

(More fully life root plant) golden ragwort, Packera aurea, used medicinally for a wide variety of complaints.

life-save US English

To rescue (a person, etc.) from death, especially from death by drowning; to act towards as a lifesaver.

life seat US English

A seat in a legislative body, on a company board, etc., which may be held for life.

life-size US English

Of the same size as the person or thing represented

life span US English

The length of time for which a person or animal lives or a thing functions

life term US English

Chiefly poetic the duration of a person's (or animal's, etc.) life, a lifetime (now rare).

life test US English

A test made on a sample of manufactured products or components in specified operating conditions, either for a certain length of time or until failure occurs, in order to determine their reliability; (also, as a mass noun) testing of this kind.

life-test US English

To perform a life test upon (a product or component).

life-tide US English

The tide or stream of (one's) life (now rare and archaic).

life tree US English

= tree of life.

life zone US English

A zone in which life occurs, or in which the greatest number of living organisms may be found; (specifically) that down to a certain depth in the sea.

long-life US English

(Of food) treated so as to stay fresh for longer than usual

love life US English

The area of a person’s life concerning their relationships with lovers

non-life US English

The absence or cessation of life or existence

not-life US English

Inanimate matter, especially as contrasted with something living.

old-life US English

Belonging to the Palaeozoic era.

past life US English

The part of a person's life already lived; (also, in later use) the part of it before a significant change in lifestyle or circumstances.

pond life US English

The animals, especially the invertebrates, that live in ponds or stagnant water

pot life US English

The length of time that a glue, resin, etc., remains usable after preparation.

pro-life US English

Opposing abortion and euthanasia

pub life US English

The culture of pubs and pub-goers.

real life US English

Life as it is lived in reality, involving unwelcome as well as welcome experiences, as distinct from a fictional world

road life US English

The life, experiences, and circumstances of those ‘on the road’, as musicians, entertainers, etc. (see on the road at phrases 4(c)).

sex life US English

A person’s sexual activity and relationships considered as a whole

town life US English

Life in a town; specifically the social life of a town.

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