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light1 US English

The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible

light2 US English

Of little weight; easy to lift

light3 US English

Come upon or discover by chance

light1 US Thesaurus

the light of candles

light2 US Thesaurus

it's light enough to carry

light on/upon in light3 US English

Come upon or discover by chance

arc light US English

A light source using an electric arc

key light US English

The main source of light in a photograph or film

light up US English

(With reference to a person’s face or eyes) suddenly become or cause to be animated with liveliness or joy

light out US English

Depart hurriedly

light air US English

A wind of force 1 on the Beaufort scale (1-3 knots or 1-3.5 mph)

light box US English

A flat box with a side of translucent glass or plastic and containing an electric light, so as to provide an evenly lighted flat surface or even illumination, such as in an art or photography studio

light gun US English

A handheld gunlike photosensitive device used chiefly in computer games, held to the display screen for passing information to the computer

light pen US English

A handheld, penlike photosensitive device held to the display screen of a computer terminal for passing information to the computer

owl light US English

Dusk; twilight

red light US English

A red traffic light or similar signal that instructs moving vehicles to stop

tea light US English

A small, squat candle in a metal case, used for decoration or within a stand to keep food or drink warm

top light US English

A skylight

wax light US English

A taper or candle made from wax

black light US English

Ultraviolet or infrared radiation, invisible to the eye

brake light US English

A red light at the back of a vehicle that is automatically illuminated when the brakes are applied

cold light US English

Light accompanied by little or no heat; luminescence

Dutch light US English

A cold frame in which the glass is a single large pane

fill light US English

A supplementary light used in photography or filming that does not change the character of the main light and is used chiefly to lighten shadows

first light US English

The time when light first appears in the morning; dawn

green light US English

A green traffic light giving permission to proceed

half-light US English

Dim light such as at dusk

idiot light US English

A warning light that goes on when a fault occurs in a device, especially a light on the instrument panel of a motor vehicle

inner light US English

Personal spiritual revelation; a source of enlightenment within oneself

in a —— light US English

In the way specified; so as to give a specified impression

light into US English

Criticize severely; attack

light bulb US English

A glass bulb inserted into a lamp or a socket in a ceiling, that provides light by passing an electric current through a filament or a pocket of inert gas

light chain US English

A protein subunit that, as one of a pair, forms part of the main antigen-binding region of an immunoglobulin molecule

light cone US English

A surface in space-time, represented as a cone in three dimensions, comprising all the points from which a light signal would reach a given point (at the apex) simultaneously, and that therefore appear simultaneous to an observer at the apex

light curve US English

A graph showing the variation in the light received over a period of time from a variable star or other varying celestial object

light meter US English

An instrument for measuring the intensity of light, used chiefly to show the correct exposure when taking a photograph

light opera US English

Another term for operetta.

light rail US English

A railroad constructed for light traffic

light scoop US English

An architectural feature that captures natural light and draws it into parts of a building

light show US English

A spectacle of colored lights that move and change, especially at a pop concert

light table US English

A horizontal or tilted surface of translucent glass or plastic with a light behind it, used as a light box for drawing or viewing transparencies or negatives

light-toned US English

Light in color or shade

light tower US English

A tall structure fitted with electric lights, typically used for outdoor illumination

light trap US English

An illuminated trap for attracting and catching nocturnal animals, especially moths and other flying insects

light water US English

Water containing the normal proportion (or less) of deuterium oxide, i.e., about 0.02 percent, especially to distinguish it from heavy water

light well US English

An open area or vertical shaft in the center of a building, typically roofed with glass, bringing natural light to the lower floors or basement

light year US English

A unit of astronomical distance equivalent to the distance that light travels in one year, which is 9.4607 × 1012 km (nearly 6 trillion miles)

north light US English

Good natural light without direct sun, especially as desired by artists

pilot light US English

A small gas burner kept continuously burning to light a larger burner when needed, especially on a gas stove or water heater

rear light US English

A red light at the rear of a vehicle; a tail light

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