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listing US English

A list or catalog

list1 US English

Make a list of

list2 US English

(Of a ship) lean to one side, typically because of a leak or unbalanced cargo

list3 US English

Want; like

multiple listing US English

A system in which real-estate brokers jointly register all available properties on a single list so that any participating broker may, for a commission, sell or rent such properties on behalf of another.

delist US English

Remove (something) from a list, in particular

free-list US English

To place on a free list; to exempt (a commodity, etc.) from duty. Usually in pass.

list at/for in list1 US English

Be on a list of products at (a specified price)

longlist US English

Place on a longlist

relist US English

Place (something, especially shares) on a list again

wait list US English

Put (someone) on a waiting list

short list US English

Put (someone or something) on a short list

tracklist US English

A list of songs or pieces of music in the order in which they appear on a recording

white list US English

Place on a white list

transfer-list in transfer list US English

Make (a player) available for transfer