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lobe US English

A roundish and flattish part of something, typically each of two or more such parts divided by a fissure, and often projecting or hanging

head lobe US English

An appendage on the head of an animal, especially the embryo or larva of some invertebrates.

ice lobe US English

A portion of a continental ice sheet that projects from the main area.

lobe-finned US English

(Of a fish) crossopterygian.

optic lobe US English

A lobe in the midbrain from which the optic nerve partly arises

Roche lobe US English

Either of two lobes that form an hourglass-shaped volume of space around a binary star system

electric lobe US English

(In an electric fish, especially an electric ray) a lobe of the brain that controls the electric organ.

frontal lobe US English

Each of the paired lobes of the brain lying immediately behind the forehead, including areas concerned with behavior, learning, personality, and voluntary movement

parietal lobe US English

Either of the paired lobes of the brain at the top of the head, including areas concerned with the reception and correlation of sensory information

temporal lobe US English

Each of the paired lobes of the brain lying beneath the temples, including areas concerned with the understanding of speech

occipital lobe US English

The rearmost lobe in each cerebral hemisphere of the brain

olfactory lobe US English

The area of the vertebrate cerebral hemisphere concerned with the processing of olfactory stimuli and reactions.

lobe-finned fish US English

A fish of a largely extinct group having fleshy lobed fins, including the probable ancestors of the amphibians

earlobe US English

The soft, fleshy lower part of the external ear

Riedel's lobe in Riedel US English

Anatomy. In the genitive, especially in Riedel's lobe. Designating a tongue-shaped process extending downwards from the inferior margin of the right lobe of the liver, seen as an anatomic variant.

paliform lobe in paliform US English

Resembling or having the form of a stake; specifically (in corals) of the nature of a palus; designating or relating to a vertical projection resembling a palus but joined to the adjacent septum (especially in paliform lobe, paliform tooth).