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long1 US English

Measuring a great distance from end to end

long2 US English

Have a strong wish or desire

-long US English

(Added to nouns) for the duration of

Long, Huey Pierce US English

(1893–1935) US politician; known as the Kingfish. A Democrat, he served as governor of Louisiana 1928–31 and as a US senator 1932–35 and was known as a dictatorial demagogue with politically radical ideas, most notably his “Share the Wealth” program. Not long after he announced his plans to run for the US presidency, he was assassinated

Long, Stephen Harriman US English

(1784–1864), US Army officer and explorer. His expeditions included the upper Mississippi in 1817 and the Rocky Mountain region in 1820. Longs Peak in Colorado is named for him

long1 US Thesaurus

a long silence

long2 US Thesaurus

I longed for a vacation

long. US English


long s US English

An obsolete form of lower-case s, written or printed as ſ. It was used in initial and medial but not final position in a word and was generally abandoned in English-language printing shortly before 1800

be long US English

Take a long time to happen or arrive

long on US English

A fielding position far behind the bowler and towards the on side

age-long US English

Having existed for a very long time

hour-long US English

Lasting for one hour

long ago US English

In the distant past

long-ago US English

Existing in or relating to a time in the distant past

long ball US English

(In sport) a ball that is hit, kicked, or thrown a long way

long blow US English

(In shearing) a stroke of the shears that runs from the sheep’s tail to its neck

long bone US English

Any of the bones of the skeleton whose length is their greatest dimension, and which typically consist of a slender cylindrical shaft (diaphysis) with wider ends (epiphyses).

long-day US English

(Of a plant) needing a long period of light each day to initiate flowering, which therefore happens naturally as the days lengthen in the spring

long drop US English

A pit toilet

long face US English

An unhappy or disappointed expression

long haul US English

A long distance (in reference to the transport of freight or passengers)

long hop US English

A short-pitched, easily hit ball

long jump US English

An athletic event in which competitors jump as far as possible along the ground in one leap

long leg US English

A fielding position far behind the batsman on the leg side

long lens US English

A lens with a long focal length, especially as a camera attachment for taking photographs from a great distance

long-life US English

(Of food) treated so as to stay fresh for longer than usual

long-lost US English

Lost or absent for a long time

long off US English

A fielding position far behind the bowler and towards the off side

long pig US English

A translation of a term formerly used in some Pacific Islands for human flesh as food

long shot US English

A venture or guess that has only the slightest chance of succeeding or being accurate

long-stay US English

Denoting or relating to people staying somewhere for a long time

long suit US English

(In bridge or whist) a holding of several cards of one suit in a hand, typically 5 or more out of the 13

long tail US English

(In retail and marketing) used to refer to the large number of products that sell in small quantities, as contrasted with the small number of best-selling products

long-term US English

Occurring over or relating to a long period of time

long tom US English

A large cannon with a long range

long wave US English

A radio wave of a wavelength above one kilometer (and a frequency below 300 kHz)

so long! US English

Goodbye until we meet again

week-long US English

Lasting for a week

long-acting US English

(Chiefly of a drug) having effects that last for a long time

Long Beach US English

A port and resort in southwestern California, on the Pacific Ocean, south of Los Angeles; population 463,789 (est. 2008)

long black US English

A type of coffee made by adding a shot of espresso to hot water

Long Branch US English

A city in east central New Jersey, on the Atlantic Ocean, long a noted summer resort; population 32,622 (est. 2008)

long corner US English

(In field hockey) a penalty hit taken from the back line within 5 yards of the corner

long-dated US English

(Of securities) not due for early payment or redemption

long-drawn US English

Continuing for a long time, especially for longer than is necessary

long drink US English

A large and refreshing cold drink in which alcohol, if present, is not heavily concentrated

long-haired US English

Having long hair

long-headed US English

Having a long head; dolichocephalic

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