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machine US English

An apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task

machine US Thesaurus

a threshing machine

air machine US English

A machine for supplying air or compressed air, especially one used for ventilating enclosed spaces, as in a mine, ship, etc.

ice machine US English

An appliance for making ice artificially

machine age US English

The period in the early 20th century notable for the development of new technology and industrial processes

machine aid US English

A computer aid used by human translators, especially a program which performs straightforward translation tasks (as distinct from a completely automatic translation program).

machine gun US English

An automatic gun that fires bullets in rapid succession for as long as the trigger is pressed

machine-man US English

A man who operates a machine (especially a printing machine).

man-machine US English

A man who acts mechanically, an automaton; (usually in plural men-machines).

pin machine US English

A machine for making pins.

pop machine US English

(Originally) a machine which produces soda water; (now) a coin-operated machine which dispenses canned or bottled soft drinks after a specified amount of money is inserted into it.

rod-machine US English

A machine which forms smooth, rounded sticks of wood.

sex machine US English

(Originally) a person, typically a woman, who performs a sexual role or function mechanically and without feeling; (later usually) a person characterized as vigorous, unremitting, and insatiable in his or her pursuit and performance of sex.

war machine US English

The military resources of a country organized for waging war

bank machine US English

Another term for automated teller machine.

brain machine US English

A person, considered as a machine for thinking.

cash machine US English

Another term for automated teller machine.

dream machine US English

A (notional) device which produces dreams or images in the brain.

drum machine US English

A programmable electronic device able to imitate the sounds of a drum kit

fruit machine US English

British term for slot machine.

machine bolt US English

A bolt with a thread and a square or hexagonal head.

machine code US English

A computer programming language consisting of binary or hexadecimal instructions that a computer can respond to directly

machine-coded US English

Written in a form required for use by a machine, specifically a computer.

machine head US English

Each of the small pegs on the head of a guitar, used for tightening the strings

machine-hour US English

An hour of one machine's operation, or an amount of work equivalent to this; an hour during which a machine operates or could operate.

machine-like US English

Resembling a machine; mechanical

machine-made US English

Made using a machine rather than by hand

machine proof US English

= press proof.

machine room US English

A room in which machines (especially printing presses) are operated.

machine screw US English

A fastening device similar to a bolt but having a socket in its head that allows it to be turned with a screwdriver

machine shop US English

A workshop for making or repairing mechanical items

machine time US English

Time during which a computer is in use.

machine tool US English

A nonportable power tool, such as a lathe or milling machine, used for cutting or shaping metal, wood, or other material

machine twist US English

A kind of silk twist, made for use in sewing machines.

machine-wash US English

To wash in a washing machine.

machine word US English

A word of the length appropriate for a particular fixed word-length computer.

machine work US English

Work done by or with a machine, as distinguished from that done by hand, especially with reference to printing and sewing.

mash machine US English

A machine for stirring the malt in a mash tun.

mean machine US English

A (sports) team thought to be of extremely high ability.

mind-machine US English

The human brain or human person regarded as a rational machine.

money machine US English

The prevailing financial system; financial institutions collectively.

paper machine US English

A machine for making paper.

party machine US English

The controlling organization of a political party, especially such a body characterized by impressive or ruthless efficiency.

peat machine US English

A machine for preparing peat for fuel, either by cutting it, or by grinding it and pressing it into brick-shaped pieces.

peep machine US English

A device for viewing a peep show.

pill machine US English

A machine for making pills.

poker machine US English

A coin-operated gaming-machine which pays out according to the combination of symbols (usually representations of playing cards) appearing on the edges of the wheels spun by the operation of a lever.

reed machine US English

A machine for making loom reeds.

road machine US English

A vehicle that travels on a road; (now) especially (informal) a car or motorcycle.

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