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made US English

past and past participle of make.

made in make US English

Form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; construct; create

mathe US English

A maggot, a grub.

made-up US English

Wearing makeup

made up US Thesaurus

a made-up story

ill-made US English

Poorly constructed

made man US English

A man whose success in life is assured

made mast US English

A ship's mast composed of several pieces of timber.

made road US English

A road surfaced with a material such as asphalt

man-made US English

Made or caused by human beings (as opposed to occurring or being made naturally); artificial

new-made US English

Recently or freshly made.

self-made US English

Having become successful or rich by one’s own efforts

town-made US English

That is produced in a town; originating from the town as opposed to the countryside.

well made US English

Strongly or skillfully constructed

man-made US Thesaurus

man-made fabrics

custom-made US English

Made to a particular customer’s order

house-made US English

(Of food or drink) made or produced by the establishment in which it is sold, rather than by an external supplier

judge-made US English

Constituted by judicial decisions rather than explicit legislation

made beaver US English

A unit of exchange formerly used among fur traders, equivalent to the value of the prepared skin of one adult beaver in prime condition; a coin or token equivalent to this. Plural often unchanged.

mould-made US English

(Of paper) made on a type of machine which produces sheets resembling sheets of handmade paper.

ready-made US English

(Especially of products such as clothes and curtains) made to a standard size or specification rather than to order

school-made US English

Made by a school or schools.

tailor-made US English

(Of clothes) made by a tailor for a particular customer

ready-made US Thesaurus

ready-made clothing

factory-made US English

Manufactured in a factory rather than made by hand

machine-made US English

Made using a machine rather than by hand

made-for-TV US English

Specially made for or (occasionally) ideally suited to, television.

have it made US English

Be in a position where success is certain

made to order US English

Specially made according to a customer’s specifications

made to measure US English

Specially made to fit a particular person or space

reading made easy US English

Any of various books formerly used to teach reading; an elementary primer.

be made for in make for US English

Be eminently suited for (a particular function)

make for US English

Form an ideal partnership; be ideally suited

be made of sterner stuff US English

Have a stronger character and be more able to overcome problems than others

inroad US English

An instance of something being affected, encroached on, or destroyed by something else

kissy-face US English

A puckering of the lips as if to kiss someone

redundant US English

(Of a person) no longer employed because there is no more work available

make hay in hay1 US English

Make good use of an opportunity while it lasts

make hay US English

Make good use of an opportunity while it lasts

make someone up in make US English

Apply cosmetics to oneself or another

make US English

Form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; construct; create

make it in make US English

Succeed in something; become successful

make do in make US English

Manage with the limited or inadequate means available

make way in make US English

Allow room for someone or something else

make for in make US English

Move or head toward (a place)

make off in make US English

Leave hurriedly, especially in order to avoid duty or punishment

make out in make US English

Make progress; fare

make up in make US English

Be reconciled after a quarrel

make something up in make US English

Complete an amount or group

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