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marl1 US English

An unconsolidated sedimentary rock or soil consisting of clay and lime, formerly used typically as fertilizer

marl2 US English

A mottled yarn of differently coloured threads, or fabric made from this yarn

marl-pit US English

A pit from which marl is dug.

pond marl US English

An earthy or calcareous deposit formed at the bottom of ponds.

red marl US English

Any marl of a red colour; (Geology) a layer of such marl forming part of the Old or New Red Sandstone formations.

rock marl US English

Marl that has become hardened by lime or other minerals deposited by percolating water.

marl slate US English

A fissile calcareous rock; calcareous shale.

ninepenny marl in ninepenny US English

Designating alternative names for the game of nine men's morris, as ninepenny marl, ninepenny miracle, ninepenny morris.