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mass US English

A coherent, typically large body of matter with no definite shape

Mass US English

The Christian Eucharist or Holy Communion, especially in the Roman Catholic Church

the mass of in mass US English

The majority of

mass US Thesaurus

a soggy mass of fallen leaves

Mass US Thesaurus

we attended the six o'clock Mass

Mass. US English


air mass US English

A body of air with horizontally uniform temperature, humidity, and pressure

blue mass US English

= blue pill.

folk mass US English

A mass in which folk music is used instead of traditional liturgical music

High Mass US English

(In the Roman Catholic Church) formerly, a mass with full ceremonial, including music and incense and typically having the assistance of a deacon and subdeacon

Low Mass US English

(In the Roman Catholic Church) formerly, a Mass with no music and a minimum of ceremony

mass bell US English

A bell that calls people to mass.

mass book US English

A missal. Formerly (occasionally): †any prayer book for liturgical use (obsolete).

mass burn US English

= mass burning.

Mass card US English

(In the Roman Catholic Church) a card sent to the family of someone who has died, stating that the sender has arranged for a Mass to be said in memory of the deceased

mass line US English

(In Maoist China) a system for arriving at policy decisions, based on direct and repeated consultation between leaders and the masses.

mass mail US English

= mass mailing.

mass man US English

An average or typical member of a mass society, usually characterized as lacking individuality and being readily manipulated by the mass media.

mass noun US English

A noun denoting something that cannot be counted (e.g., a substance or quality), in English usually a noun that lacks a plural in ordinary usage and is not used with the indefinite article, e.g., luggage, china, happiness

mass rock US English

A large flat rock used as an outdoor altar by Irish Catholics when the open celebration of mass was illegal.

mass unit US English

= atomic mass unit.

mass-word US English

= mass noun.

red mass US English

A votive Mass, usually one of the Holy Spirit, at which red vestments are worn by the priest; especially such a mass held to open a term of Court or judicial year.

rest mass US English

The mass of a body when at rest

Rood mass US English

A mass said in honour of the rood.

soul mass US English

A mass said for the soul of a dead person. Compare requiem. Now historical.

active mass US English

The molar concentration of a substance taking part in a reaction (to which, by the law of mass action, the rate of the reaction is proportional).

after-mass US English

A service held following a mass.

atomic mass US English

The mass of an atom of a chemical element expressed in atomic mass units. It is approximately equivalent to the number of protons and neutrons in the atom (the mass number) or to the average number allowing for the relative abundances of different isotopes

black mass US English

A travesty of the Roman Catholic Mass in worship of Satan

brain mass US English

Mass or weight of brain tissue.

cocoa mass US English

A form of raw chocolate made by grinding processed cocoa nibs, especially in a solid or semi-solid state.

great mass US English

= High Mass.

little mass US English

A mass without music and with the minimum of ceremony.

mass action US English

Chemistry the effect which the concentration of a reactant has on the rate of a chemical reaction; especially in law of mass action noun the principle that the rate of a reaction is proportional to the concentrations or activities of the reactants.

mass attack US English

(Also with hyphen as verb with object).

mass copper US English

Copper occurring naturally in large masses.

mass defect US English

The difference between the mass of an isotope and its mass number

mass driver US English

An electromagnetically driven launching system, proposed as a method of propelling objects into space or over long distances.

mass effect US English

An effect due to or dependent on mass or combined number; a total or grand effect.

mass energy US English

Mass and energy regarded as interconvertible manifestations of the same phenomenon, according to the laws of relativity

mass grave US English

A pit dug in the ground to receive a large number of corpses

mass house US English

A Roman Catholic church or other place of worship. (In the 17–18th centuries chiefly as a Protestant term of contempt.).

mass market US English

The market for goods that are produced in large quantities

mass media US English

The media

mass medium US English

A means of mass communication; any of the mass media.

mass murder US English

The murder of a large number of people

mass number US English

The total number of protons and neutrons in a nucleus

mass-point US English

= point mass.

mass-priest US English

A priest, especially as celebrant of the Mass..

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