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me-too US English

Relating to the adoption or imitation of another person’s views or policies, often for political advantage

it's too cold for me here in for English-Spanish

aquí hace demasiado frío para mí

you've given me $2 too much in much English-Spanish

me has dado 2 dólares de más

these shoes are too big for me in big English-Spanish

estos zapatos me quedan grandes

don't kiss me, you're too bristly in bristly English-Spanish

no me beses, que tu barba está muy rasposa

that rope is too thin to hold me in hold English-Spanish

esa cuerda es demasiado delgada para sostenerme

she was none too pleased to see me in none English-Spanish

no le hizo demasiada gracia verme

these shoes are too big/small for me in too English-Spanish

estos zapatos me quedan grandes/pequeños

it's too high up for me, can you get it? in get English-Spanish

está demasiado alto para mí ¿tú lo puedes alcanzar