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microscopic US English

So small as to be visible only with a microscope

microscopic US Thesaurus

microscopic fibers found in the suspect's car

electron microscopic US English

Made using an electron microscope; relating to or involving the use of an electron microscope.

submicroscopic US English

Too small to be seen by an ordinary light microscope

ultramicroscopic US English

Too small to be seen by an ordinary optical microscope

microscopic polyarteritis in polyarteritis US English

Originally (in full polyarteritis acuta nodosa, polyarteritis nodosa): a systemic vasculitis characterized by focal inflammation and necrosis of the walls of medium-sized arteries, sometimes with aneurysm formation, often causing infarctions in organs supplied by affected vessels. Later also: any of several other forms of systemic vasculitis involving arteries or arterioles (and sometimes capillaries or venules); especially in microscopic polyarteritis.

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