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mid1 US English

Of or in the middle part or position of a range

mid2 US English

In the middle of

mid- US English

Denoting the middle of

mid-on US English

A fielding position on the on side near the bowler

mid-off US English

A fielding position on the off side near the bowler

mid shot US English

A shot taken at a medium distance

mid-tempo US English

Played or sung at a moderate tempo

mid-engine US English

(Of a car) having the engine located centrally between the front and rear axles

mid-Atlantic US English

Situated or occurring in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

Mid Glamorgan US English

A former county of South Wales formed in 1974 from parts of Breconshire, Glamorgan, and Monmouthshire and dissolved in 1996

mid-Victorian US English

Of or relating to the middle of the Victorian era

Mid-Atlantic Ridge US English

A submarine ridge system that extends the length of the Atlantic Ocean from the Arctic to the Antarctic. It is seismically and (in places) volcanically active; the islands of Iceland, the Azores, Ascension, St. Helena, and Tristan da Cunha are located on it

Mid-Atlantic States US English

Term for the US states between New England and the South that are on or near the Atlantic coast, usually including New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and sometimes also Delaware and Maryland

midair US English

A part or section of the air above ground level or above another surface

midday US English

The middle of the day; noon

midiron US English

An iron with a medium degree of loft, such as a four-, five-, or six-iron

midlife US English

The central period of a person’s life, generally considered as the years from about 45 to 55

midline US English

A median line or plane of bilateral symmetry, especially that of the body

midrib US English

A large strengthened vein along the midline of a leaf

midship US English

The middle part of a ship or boat

midsize US English

Of an average size; intermediate in size between large and small

midsole US English

A layer of material between the inner and outer soles of a shoe, for absorbing shock

midterm US English

The middle of a period of office, an academic term, or a pregnancy

midtown US English

The central part of a city between the downtown and uptown areas

midway US English

In or toward the middle of something

midweek US English

The middle of the week, usually regarded as being from Tuesday to Thursday

midbrain US English

A small central part of the brainstem, developing from the middle of the primitive or embryonic brain

midfield US English

(In football, soccer, etc.) the central part of the field

midpoint US English

The exact middle point

midrange US English

The arithmetic mean of the largest and the smallest values in a sample or other group

midwater US English

The part of a body of water near neither the bottom nor the surface

mid-engined in mid-engine US English

(Of a car) having the engine located centrally between the front and rear axles

midheaven US English

(On an astrological chart) the point where the ecliptic intersects the meridian

midseason US English

A point partway through a season, especially a season of the year or a sports season

midsection US English

The middle part of something

midsession US English

The middle of a session, particularly

midstream US English

The middle of a stream or river

midsummer US English

The middle part of summer

midwicket US English

A fielding position on the leg side, level with the middle of the pitch

midwinter US English

The middle part of winter

midlatitudes US English

Areas lying between 35 and 55 (or more broadly, between 30 and 60) degrees north or south of the equator

midlife crisis US English

An emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age

midocean ridge US English

A long, seismically active submarine ridge system situated in the middle of an ocean basin and marking the site of the upwelling of magma associated with seafloor spreading. An example is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

mid New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

generally forms open compounds (the mid 17th century), but hyphenated when attrib. (mid-brown hair)

mid English-Spanish

en medio de, entre

mid- English-Spanish

in midJanuary/the mid1980s

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