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military US English

Of, relating to, or characteristic of soldiers or armed forces

military US Thesaurus

military activity

military age US English

The age range within which a person is eligible for military service

military band US English

A group of musicians playing brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments, typically while marching

military law US English

The law governing the armed forces

military time US English

A method of measuring the time based on the full twenty-four hours of the day rather than two groups of twelve hours; the twenty-four-hour clock

Military Cross US English

(In the UK and Commonwealth countries) a decoration awarded for distinguished active service on land, instituted in 1914 (originally for officers)

military honors US English

Ceremonies performed by troops as a mark of respect at the burial of a member of the armed forces

Military Medal US English

(In the UK and Commonwealth countries) a decoration for distinguished active service on land, instituted in 1916 (originally for enlisted soldiers)

military police US English

The corps responsible for police and disciplinary duties in an army

military attaché US English

An army officer serving with an embassy or attached as an observer to a foreign army

military history US English

The study of the role that armed forces played in past events

military science US English

The study of the causes and tactical principles of warfare

military-industrial complex US English

A country’s military establishment and those industries producing arms or other military materials, regarded as a powerful vested interest

nonmilitary US English

Not belonging to, characteristic of, or involving the armed forces; civilian

unmilitary US English

Not typical of, suitable for, or connected with the military

paramilitary US English

(Of an unofficial force) organized similarly to a military force

military tribune in tribune1 US English

A Roman legionary officer

Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst in Sandhurst US English

A training college at Camberley, Surrey, for officers for the British army. It was formed in 1946 from an amalgamation of the Royal Military College at Sandhurst in Berkshire and the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, London. Official name Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst