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military US English

Of, relating to, or characteristic of soldiers or armed forces

military US Thesaurus

military activity

civilian–military US English

Consisting of or involving both civilians and members of the armed forces.

military age US English

The age range within which a person is eligible for military service

military art US English

The art of warfare; combat perceived in terms of technique or craft.

military band US English

A group of musicians playing brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments, typically while marching

military brat US English

A child with a parent, or parents, in the armed forces; especially one who exhibits behavioural problems associated with the unsettled and itinerant nature of military life.

military drum US English

A side or snare drum.

military law US English

The law governing the armed forces

military time US English

A method of measuring the time based on the full twenty-four hours of the day rather than two groups of twelve hours; the twenty-four-hour clock

military board US English

A board specially appointed to deal with the affairs of the army.

military braid US English

A broad braid such as is worn on soldiers' uniforms.

military brush US English

= military hairbrush.

military chest US English

An army's treasury; the funds for a military campaign.

Military Cross US English

(In the UK and Commonwealth countries) a decoration awarded for distinguished active service on land, instituted in 1914 (originally for officers)

military fever US English

Typhus fever.

military honors US English

Ceremonies performed by troops as a mark of respect at the burial of a member of the armed forces

military hotel US English

(In southern India) a restaurant serving meals that are not vegetarian.

military junta US English

A military group that rules a country after taking power by force

military macaw US English

A large Central and South American macaw, Ara militaris, which is predominantly green with a red forehead and blue tail feathers.

Military Medal US English

(In the UK and Commonwealth countries) a decoration for distinguished active service on land, instituted in 1916 (originally for enlisted soldiers)

military-minded US English

Inclined or well able to think in a military way; having a military caste of mind.

military orchid US English

A European orchid, Orchis militaris, with pinkish-grey, helmet-shaped flowers.

military orchis US English

= military orchid.

military police US English

The corps responsible for police and disciplinary duties in an army

military press US English

An exercise designed to develop the deltoid muscles, in which (from a seated or standing position) a weight is lifted to shoulder height, held there briefly, raised to arm's length above the head, then finally lowered to the starting position.

military school US English

= military academy.

military tenure US English

A feudal tenure under which a vassal owed his superior certain defined services in war.

military academy US English

A place of military instruction, especially an institution for training army cadets.

military attaché US English

An army officer serving with an embassy or attached as an observer to a foreign army

military barracks US English

A set of buildings used as a residence for soldiers.

military college US English

= military academy.

military discharge US English

Release or dismissal from military service; an instance of this.

military execution US English

A punishment carried out by the military, specifically (now historical) the ravaging by military forces of a country or province which has failed to pay a tax or other tribute levied upon it.

military hairbrush US English

A hairbrush without a handle (suitable for short or cropped hair).

military history US English

The study of the role that armed forces played in past events

military hospital US English

A hospital for the treatment of military personnel, especially in the field.

military-looking US English

Of a military or soldierly appearance.

military offence US English

An offence committed by a member of the armed forces; specifically an offence which may be examined or tried by a military court.

military reserve US English

North American an area set aside by a government or monarch for the use of a nation's armed forces.

military science US English

The study of the causes and tactical principles of warfare

Military Secretary US English

An army staff officer who formerly acted as personal and confidential secretary to the Commander-in-Chief or certain other specified officers, and who has responsibility for promotions.

military service US English

Time spent serving in the armed forces, especially as a compulsory period for young people in some countries

military settler US English

An English soldier recruited to defend Auckland when it was first settled in the 1840s

military two-step US English

(In old-time dancing) a variation of the two-step, arising from a combination of waltz and march rhythms.

military architecture US English

The science of fortification.

military discipline US English

The obedience to and exercise of all military orders and regulations.

military engineering US English

= military architecture.

military-industrial US English

Of or relating to a nation's armed forces and to its industries (especially those producing military equipment).

military reservation US English

= military reserve.

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