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milk US English

An opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young

milk US Thesaurus

Pam was milking the cows

in milk US English

(Of an animal, especially a cow) producing milk

baby milk US English

Milk intended for a baby; (chiefly British) = formula.

blue milk US English

Milk that is low in butter fat, and hence has a bluish tinge; skimmed milk.

coco milk US English

= coconut milk.

dry milk US English

Milk that has been preserved by evaporation and reduction to powder

ice milk US English

A sweet frozen food similar to ice cream but containing less butterfat

milk bag US English

The udder of an animal (now rare).

milk bank US English

An institutional store or reserve of human milk that may be drawn on, especially to feed premature babies.

milk bar US English

A snack bar that sells milk drinks and other refreshments

milk box US English

A container in which milk is heated in the cheese-making process (rare).

milk-bush US English

Any of various shrubs or small trees of the southern hemisphere which have a milky sap and are often succulent; especially (a) South African and Indian English, the small tree Euphorbia tirucalli (family Euphorbiaceae), native to Africa and cultivated or naturalized in parts of India and South-East Asia; (b) Australian the shrub Wrightia saligna (family Apocynaceae), formerly used as a fodder plant; (c) Australian the caustic bush, Sarcostemma australe.

milk cap US English

A large woodland toadstool with a concave cap, the flesh of which exudes a white or coloured milky fluid when cut

milk cow US English

A cow bred or kept for milk; a cow yielding milk. Also figurative: a ready or reliable source of income or profit.

milk drop US English

A small delicate grey or white toadstool of leaf litter, Mycena galopus, which yields a latex when broken.

milk duct US English

Any of the ducts that convey milk from the secretory lobules of the mammary gland to the nipple.

milk farm US English

A dairy farm.

milk gap US English

A pen, especially a small one in a pasture, where cows are milked; an opening in a fence, etc., through which cows are brought to be milked.

milk jug US English

A large container for milk, with a narrow mouth and a cap

milk leg US English

Painful swelling of the leg after giving birth, caused by thrombophlebitis in the femoral vein

milk line US English

Embryology. A ridge of thickened ectoderm that appears on either side of the ventral surface of a mammalian embryo, extending from the fore to the rear limb buds, on which the mammary glands form; (also) a line representing this in post-embryonic life, the line occupied by the mammary glands.

milk loaf US English

A loaf of bread made with milk instead of water

milk name US English

A name given to a Chinese child at one month old, later superseded by more formal names but occasionally used, especially as an endearment.

milk pan US English

A large shallow pan in which milk is kept while the cream rises and separates.

milk pea US English

Any of several prostrate plants of the genus Galactia (family Fabaceae (Leguminosae)), native to the warmer parts of America.

milk pie US English

(Originally among German and Dutch communities) a pie or tart with a custard filling.

Milk Race US English

(An alternative name for) the Tour of Britain, an annual multistage cycling race once sponsored by the Milk Marketing Board.

milk room US English

A room in a house or dairy in which milk is stored.

milk run US English

A routine, uneventful journey, especially by plane

milk sack US English

A tightly stitched bag of animal hide in which curdled milk is prepared.

milk scab US English

Seborrhoeic dermatitis affecting the face or scalp of an infant; a lesion of seborrhoeic dermatitis.

milk-sick US English

= milk sickness (now chiefly historical).

milk spot US English

Medicine a white spot on a serosal surface or within an organ, representing a focus of fibrosis or inflammatory cells.

milk tart US English

= melktert.

milk-tie US English

= milk kinship.

milk-tree US English

Any of various trees yielding a milky sap, in some cases drinkable; especially (a) = milk-bush; (b) any of several tropical South American trees which produce a drinkable latex resembling cow's milk, especially the cow tree, Brosimum utile (family Moraceae), and the hya-hya, Tabernaemontana utile (family Apocynaceae); (c) NZ any of several small trees of the genus Streblus (family Moraceae); (d) the tree Cerbera (Tanghinia) venenifera (family Apocynaceae), native to Madagascar, whose poisonous seed was formerly employed in trials by ordeal.

milk-walk US English

= milk round.

milk-warm US English

As warm as milk newly drawn from the cow.

raw milk US English

Fresh, unprocessed milk, especially milk which has not undergone heating; unpasteurized milk.

rice milk US English

Milk boiled and thickened with rice and other ingredients. Now historical.

rock milk US English

= moonmilk.

skim milk US English

Milk from which the cream has been removed

soya milk US English

The liquid obtained by suspending soya bean flour in water, used as a fat-free substitute for milk, particularly by vegans

soy milk US English

The liquid obtained by suspending soybean flour in water, used as a fat-free substitute for milk, particularly by vegans and by those unable to tolerate milk products

almond milk US English

A milky liquid prepared from ground almonds, used as a drink and in cooking, and also applied to the skin, etc., as an emollient.

breast milk US English

Milk produced by a woman’s breasts after childbirth as food for her child

malted milk US English

A drink combining milk, a malt preparation, and ice cream or flavoring

milk board US English

A committee responsible for the supervision and regulation of the milk business.

milk booth US English

(In India) a kiosk operated by the local authorities for the distribution of milk.

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