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milk US English

An opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young

milk US Thesaurus

Pam was milking the cows

in milk US English

(Of an animal, especially a cow) producing milk

dry milk US English

Milk that has been preserved by evaporation and reduction to powder

ice milk US English

A sweet frozen food similar to ice cream but containing less butterfat

milk bar US English

A snack bar that sells milk drinks and other refreshments

milk cap US English

A large woodland toadstool with a concave cap, the flesh of which exudes a white or coloured milky fluid when cut

milk leg US English

Painful swelling of the leg after giving birth, caused by thrombophlebitis in the femoral vein

milk loaf US English

A loaf of bread made with milk instead of water

milk run US English

A routine, uneventful journey, especially by plane

skim milk US English

Milk from which the cream has been removed

soya milk US English

The liquid obtained by suspending soya bean flour in water, used as a fat-free substitute for milk, particularly by vegans

soy milk US English

The liquid obtained by suspending soybean flour in water, used as a fat-free substitute for milk, particularly by vegans and by those unable to tolerate milk products

breast milk US English

Milk produced by a woman’s breasts after childbirth as food for her child

malted milk US English

A drink combining milk, a malt preparation, and ice cream or flavoring

milk fever US English

An acute illness in female cows, goats, etc., that have just produced young, caused by calcium deficiency

milk float US English

An open-sided van, typically powered by electricity, that is used for delivering milk to houses

milk glass US English

Semitranslucent glass, whitened by the addition of various ingredients

milk powder US English

Milk dehydrated by evaporation

Milk River US English

A river that flows for 625 miles (1,000 km) through northwestern Montana and southern Alberta, into the Missouri River. It is the most northwestern part of the Missouri-Mississippi river system

milk round US English

A regular milk delivery along a fixed route

milk shake US English

A cold drink made of milk, a sweet flavoring such as fruit or chocolate, and typically ice cream, whisked until it is frothy

milk snake US English

A harmless North American constrictor that is typically strongly marked with red and black on yellow or white. It was formerly supposed to suck milk from sleeping cows

milk stout US English

A kind of sweet stout made with lactose

milk sugar US English

Another term for lactose.

milk tooth US English

Any of a set of early, temporary (deciduous) teeth in children or young mammals that fall out as the permanent teeth erupt (in children, between the ages of about 6 and 12)

milk train US English

A train that runs very early in the morning to transport milk but also carries passengers

milk vetch US English

A plant of the pea family found throughout the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, grown in several regions as a fodder plant

milk-white US English

Of the opaque white color of milk

moose milk US English

An alcoholic drink consisting typically of rum, milk, and other ingredients such as eggs

sweet milk US English

Fresh whole milk, as opposed to buttermilk

coconut milk US English

A milky white liquid expressed from coconut meat, used as a base in cooking

milk pudding US English

A baked pudding made of milk and rice or another grain such as sago or tapioca

milk sickness US English

A condition of cattle and sheep in the western US, caused by eating white snakeroot, which contains a toxic alcohol. It sometimes occurs in humans who have eaten meat or dairy products from affected animals

milk thistle US English

A European thistle with a solitary purple flower and glossy marbled leaves, naturalized in North America and used in herbal medicine

mother's milk US English

Something regarded as absolutely necessary or appropriate

pigeon's milk US English

A curdlike secretion from a pigeon’s crop, which it regurgitates and feeds to its young

certified milk US English

Milk guaranteed free from the tubercle bacillus

condensed milk US English

Canned milk that has been thickened by evaporation and sweetened

evaporated milk US English

A processed form of milk that has had some of the liquid removed by evaporation

milk chocolate US English

Solid chocolate made with the addition of milk

milk and honey US English

Prosperity and abundance

milk-and-water US English

Lacking the will or ability to act effectively

milk of magnesia US English

A white suspension of hydrated magnesium carbonate in water, used as an antacid or laxative

tapioca milk tea US English

Another term for bubble tea.

milk of human kindness US English

Care and compassion for others

in milk in milk US English

(Of an animal, especially a cow) producing milk

it's no use crying over spilt milk US English

There is no point in regretting something that has already happened and cannot be changed or reversed

milkmaid US English

A girl or woman who milks cows or does other work in a dairy

milk and honey in milk US English

Prosperity and abundance

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