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mini US English

Denoting a miniature version of something

mini- US English

Very small or minor of its kind; miniature

mini-me US English

A person closely resembling a smaller or younger version of another

mini-golf US English

Short for miniature golf.

mini-mall US English

A shopping mall containing a relatively small number of retail outlets and with access to each shop from the outside rather than from an interior hallway

mini-pill US English

A contraceptive pill containing progestin and not estrogen

mini rugby US English

A simplified version of rugby with only nine players in a team

mini-roundabout US English

A small traffic roundabout, indicated by road markings or a very low island

minibar US English

A refrigerator in a hotel room containing a selection of refreshments that are charged for on the bill if used by the occupant

minibus US English

A small bus for about ten to fifteen passengers

minicab US English

A car that is used as a taxi but that must be ordered in advance because it is not licensed to pick up passengers who hail it in the street

minicam US English

A handheld video camera

minicar US English

A very small car, especially a subcompact

minivan US English

A small van, typically one fitted with seats in the back for passengers

minicamp US English

A session run by a professional sports team to train particular players, or to test potential new players, before the main preseason training

minidisc US English

A disc having a format similar to a small CD but able to record sound or data as well as play it back

minimart US English

A convenience store

minimoon US English

A short break spent together by a newly married couple, typically in advance of a longer holiday to be taken at a later date

minibeast US English

A small invertebrate animal such as an insect or spider

minibreak US English

A short holiday, especially one lasting only two or three days

minidress US English

A very short dress

miniseries US English

A television drama shown in a number of episodes

miniskirt US English

A very short skirt

ministroke US English

Another term for transient ischemic attack.

minitower US English

A small vertical case for a computer, or a computer mounted in such a case

supermini US English

A microcomputer with the speed, power, and capabilities of a mainframe

minicomputer US English

A computer of medium power, more than a microcomputer but less than a mainframe