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minima US English

plural form of minimum.

minima in minimum US English

The least or smallest amount or quantity possible, attainable, or required

Anagallis minima in chaffweed US English

A tiny European pimpernel with pink or white flowers

Lymnocryptes minima in jacksnipe US English

A small dark Eurasian snipe

mínima Spanish-English

minimum temperature

termómetro de máxima y mínima Spanish-English

maximum-minimum thermometer

termómetro de máxima y mínima Spanish-English

maximum-minimum thermometer

a la mínima in mínima Spanish-English

at/for the slightest little thing

la mínima expresión in expresión Spanish-English

the dress shrank to almost nothing

reducir algo a su mínima expresión in reducir Spanish-English

to reduce sth to its simplest expression

la altura mínima exigida es de 1,60m in altura Spanish-English

the minimum height requirement is 1.60m

una cuantía mínima de 50.000 euros mensuales in cuantía Spanish-English

a minimum (amount) of 50,000 euros a month

me sirvieron la mínima expresión de tarta in expresión Spanish-English

they gave me the smallest piece of cake imaginable

no tengo la menor or la más mínima intención de devolvérselo in intención Spanish-English

I have no intention whatsoever of giving it back to him, I haven't the slightest intention of giving it back to him

las temperaturas de hoy han sido 20°C de máxima y 5°C de mínima in mínima Spanish-English

the maximum temperature today was 20°C and the minimum 5°C