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mutation US English

The action or process of mutating

mutation US Thesaurus

cells that have undergone mutation

point mutation US English

A mutation affecting only one or very few nucleotides in a gene sequence

nonsense mutation US English

A mutation in which a sense codon that corresponds to one of the twenty amino acids specified by the genetic code is changed to a chain-terminating codon

somatic mutation US English

The occurrence of a mutation in the somatic tissue of an organism, resulting in a genetically mosaic individual

frameshift mutation US English

A mutation caused by the addition or deletion of a base pair or base pairs in the DNA of a gene resulting in the translation of the genetic code in an unnatural reading frame from the position of the mutation to the end of the gene

lethal mutation in lethal gene US English

A gene that is capable of causing the death of an organism, usually during the development of the embryo. Also called lethal factor, lethal mutation