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my US English

Belonging to or associated with the speaker

MY US English

Motor yacht

my- US English

Variant spelling of myo- shortened before a vowel (as in myalgia).

boy US English

A son

myo- US English

Of muscle; relating to muscles

my- in myo- US English

Of muscle; relating to muscles

m.y. US English

Million years

oh-my US English

To exclaim ‘oh, my!’.

my ass US English

Used to convey that one does not believe something that has just been said

my bad US English

Used to acknowledge responsibility for a mistake

my eye US English

Used especially in spoken English to indicate surprise or disbelief

My Lai US English

A village in Son My district, in central Vietnam, south of Quang Ngai, site of a 1968 massacre of Vietnamese civilians by US troops during the Vietnam War

My Lady US English

A polite form of address to certain noblewomen

My Lord US English

(In the UK) a polite form of address to judges, bishops, and certain noblemen

to my mind US English

In my opinion

my-ness US English

The fact of being individual; separateness of the self; (especially in Indian philosophy) personal interest in or attachment to something.

my word US English

An exclamation of surprise or emphasis

my foot! US English

Said to express strong contradiction

my stars! US English

An expression of astonishment

my pleasure US English

Used as a polite reply to thanks

in my book US English

In my opinion

to my knowledge US English

So far as I know

be my guest US English

Please do

on my honor US English

Used as an expression of sincerity

for my money US English

In my opinion or judgment

for my part US English

Used to focus attention on one person or group and distinguish them from others involved in a situation

piet-my-vrou US English

An African cuckoo which has a russet band on the upper part of the breast

read my lips US English

Listen carefully (used to emphasize the importance of the speaker’s words or the earnestness of their intent)

upon my soul US English

An exclamation of surprise

cross my heart US English

Used to emphasize the truthfulness and sincerity of what one is saying, and sometimes reinforced by making a sign of the cross over one’s chest

my good woman US English

A patronizing form of address to a woman

one's best in best US English

The peak of condition; the highest standard or level that a person or thing can reach

to one's bones in to the bone US English

Used to emphasize that a person has a specified quality in an overwhelming or fundamental way

doom US English

Death, destruction, or some other terrible fate

to one's face US English

Openly in one’s presence

to one's feet US English

To a standing position

one's kind US English

People with whom one has a great deal in common

someone's kind US English

Used to express disapproval of a certain type of person

—— one's last US English

Do something for the last time

taste US English

A person’s tendency to like and dislike certain things

beggar-my-neighbor US English

A card game for two players in which the object is to acquire one’s opponent’s cards. Players alternately turn cards up and if an honor is revealed, the other player must find an honor within a specified number of turns or else forfeit the cards already played

my heart bleeds US English

Used ironically to express the speaker’s belief that the person spoken about does not deserve the sympathetic response sought

I'll eat my hat US English

Used to indicate that one thinks the specified thing is extremely unlikely to happen

excuse my French US English

Used to apologize for swearing

my humble abode US English

Used to refer to one’s home with an ironic or humorous show of modesty or humility

shiver my timbers US English

A mock oath attributed to sailors

out of my sight! US English

Go away at once!

to one's credit US English

Used to indicate that something praiseworthy has been achieved, especially despite difficulties

dismay US English

Consternation and distress, typically that caused by something unexpected

to one's liking US English

To one’s taste; pleasing

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