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nationalist US English

A person who advocates political independence for a country

neo-nationalist US English

Of, relating to, or designating neo-nationalism or neo-nationalists.

Arab nationalist US English

An adherent or advocate of Arab nationalism.

Welsh nationalist US English

A supporter or advocate of independence or greater political autonomy for Wales; a supporter of Welsh national interests.

cultural nationalist US English

An advocate of cultural nationalism.

Scottish Nationalist US English

A member or supporter of Scottish nationalism or of the Scottish National Party

Welsh Nationalist Party US English

A political party dedicated to representing the interests of the people of Wales, and especially to seeking greater political autonomy for Wales; (now) specifically = Plaid Cymru.

Scottish Nationalist Party US English

(In early use) a political party formed in 1928 by the Glasgow University Scottish Nationalist Association to campaign for independence for Scotland; (now) = Scottish National Party.

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