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navigation US English

The process or activity of accurately ascertaining one’s position and planning and following a route

area navigation US English

A method of navigation which enables an aircraft to follow any course within a network of fixed points relative to which its position can be determined, rather than having to navigate a course directly from one such fixed point to another; navigation by this means.

navigation act US English

Any one of a number of legal enactments regulating navigation, shipping, or seaborne trade, especially that of 1651 intended to restrict imports from the Netherlands (the U.K. acts were abolished in 1849).

navigation law US English

= navigation act.

inland navigation US English

Transportation by canals, rivers, and lakes

navigation beacon US English

A beacon marked by a light or emitting a radio signal for use in aircraft navigation.

navigation channel US English

A passage in a stretch of water where the sea or river bed has been deepened to allow access to large vessels

navigation lights US English

A set of lights shown by a ship or aircraft at night to indicate its position and orientation, especially with respect to other vessels or aircraft

navigation system US English

A set of equipment designed to assist or automate navigation in a vehicle, ship, or aircraft

radio navigation US English

Navigation by means of radio signals.

celestial navigation US English

The action of finding one’s way by observing the sun, moon, and stars

navigation satellite US English

A satellite that transmits signals for use in navigation.

astronavigation US English

Determination of the position and course of an aircraft or a spacecraft by means of observation of the stars