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neck US English

The part of a person’s or animal’s body connecting the head to the rest of the body

put one's head on the block US English

Put one’s standing or reputation at risk by proceeding with a particular course of action

save someone's skin US English

Rescue someone from danger or difficulty

neck US Thesaurus

the cop grabbed Malloy by the neck

V-neck US English

A neckline of a garment, having straight sides meeting at a point to form a V-shape

no-neck US English

Of a person: having a particularly short neck, and (usually) a stocky build; (of a stance) resulting from a shortness of neck.

boat neck US English

A type of wide neckline on a garment that passes just below the collarbone

cowl neck US English

A neckline on a woman’s garment that hangs in draped folds

crew neck US English

A close-fitting, round neckline, especially on a sweater or T-shirt

ewe neck US English

A horse’s neck of which the upper outline curves downward instead of upward

low-neck US English

(attributive) (of clothing) low-necked.

neck beef US English

Beef from the necks of cattle (considered to be of inferior quality). Now rare.

neck-bone US English

Originally: the part of the spine in the neck; the cervical spine. Later also: each of the individual bones of this part of the spine; a cervical vertebra.

neck cell US English

Botany a neck canal cell.

neck end US English

A cut of meat taken from the end of the neck nearest the head (opposed to best-end); the lean or scrag-end.

neck-hole US English

The hollow in the back of the neck; the space between the back of the neck and the collar. Now rare (chiefly regional in later use).

neck lock US English

Wrestling. A form of stranglehold. Now also in similar sports and more generally: any disabling grip around the neck.

neck-lock US English

On a wig: a lock of hair falling to the neck, especially a cylindrical curl or sausage-curl.

neck oil US English

Alcoholic drink, especially beer.

neck rein US English

The technique of using the pressure of a rein held against a horse's neck to guide or turn it; an instance of this.

neck-rein US English

Of a horse: to be guided or turned by pressure of a rein against the neck on the opposite side to the direction to be turned.

neck-roll US English

(Especially in Gymnastics) a swing of the body backwards to rest on the back of the neck.

neck rot US English

Any of several diseases affecting the necks of bulbs or plants; especially a disease of onions caused by the fungus Botrytis allii, characterized by blackening and decay of the top of the affected bulbs.

neck vein US English

Any large vein in the neck; specifically the external jugular vein.

open-neck US English

A collar of a shirt, sweater, etc., that leaves the neck uncovered.

polo neck US English

British term for turtleneck.

ring-neck US English

Any of a number of ring-necked birds, in particular

roll-neck US English

A high loosely turned-over collar

swan neck US English

A curved structure shaped like a swan’s neck

funnel neck US English

A neck for a knit garment similar to a turtleneck but shorter and without a fold

halter-neck US English

(Of a woman’s garment) held up by a strap around the neck

horse's neck US English

A drink consisting of ginger ale, a twist of lemon peel, and liquor, typically brandy

neck-break US English

Scottish. A fall in which the neck is broken; (figurative) destruction; downfall. Now rare.

neck canal US English

The channel within the neck of an archegonium.

neck-collar US English

A collar worn by a person. In quot. 1821 figurative: a hangman's noose. Now chiefly historical.

neck defeat US English

A defeat by a neck.

neck fillet US English

Fillet of lamb taken from the neck (scrag end).

neck frill US English

A frill of material at the neck of a garment, a ruff.

neck-piece US English

Of meat: the part of a carcass between the shoulder and the head.

neck scarf US English

A length or square of lightweight fabric worn around the neck

neck towel US English

A towel worn or carried on or around the neck; (formerly) specifically a cloth for wiping dishes carried by a servant, waiter, etc.

neck-verse US English

A Latin verse printed in black letter (usually the beginning of Psalm 51 Miserere mei Deus, ‘Have mercy upon me, O God’) formerly set before a person claiming benefit of clergy, by reading which he might prove his clerical status and hence save his neck. In later use historical.

pencil-neck US English

Slang (usually depreciative). Thin, scrawny; weak, effete.

plunge neck US English

A very low-cut neckline on a woman's garment.

rolled-neck US English

= roll-neck.

round-neck US English

= round-necked.

scoop neck US English

A deeply curved wide neckline on a garment

Throgs Neck US English

A peninsula in the southeast Bronx in New York City that gives its name to a major bridge, which crosses Long Island South to Queens on Long Island

neck and neck US English

Even in a race, competition, or comparison

neck-moulding US English

A moulding on the neck of a capital.

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