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neighborhood US English

A district, especially one forming a community within a town or city

neighborhood US Thesaurus

a quiet neighborhood

neighborhood watch US English

A program of systematic local vigilance by residents of a neighborhood to discourage crime, especially burglary

in the neighborhood of US English

Approximately; about

good neighbourhood US English

Behaviour characteristic of a good neighbour or good neighbours; good neighbourly feeling or conduct; friendly relations between neighbours.

neighbourhood centre US English

The centre of a residential area in a planned town, especially as the location for amenities.

neighbourhood road US English

A local road, especially one in a rural area, maintained by its users.

neighbourhood school US English

A local school; (US) (specifically in early use) an elementary school in a rural area.

neighbourhood unit US English

A residential area in a planned town, including shops, a school, and other community amenities.

neighbourhood friendly US English

A well-known local shop; a neighbourhood shop.

in the neighborhood of in neighborhood US Thesaurus

a new roof will be in the neighborhood of $4,000