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nitrate US English

A salt or ester of nitric acid, containing the anion NO3− or the group —NO3

amyl nitrate US English

A colorless synthetic liquid used as an additive in diesel fuel to improve its ignition properties

ethyl nitrate US English

A gas or volatile liquid (boiling point 17°C) which is used as an intermediate in organic synthesis and occurs naturally in small amounts in the ocean and atmosphere; also called nitric ether.

silver nitrate US English

A colorless solid, soluble in water, formerly used in photography

sodium nitrate US English

A white powdery compound used mainly in the manufacture of fertilizers

uranyl nitrate US English

A greenish-yellow crystalline salt used as a stain in microscopy and formerly as a light-sensitive pigment in an early form of photography.

ammonium nitrate US English

A white crystalline solid used as a fertilizer and as a component of some explosives

cellulose nitrate US English

Another term for nitrocellulose.

nitrate reductase US English

An enzyme or group of enzymes which brings about (the second step in) the reduction of nitrate to nitrite.

potassium nitrate US English

A white crystalline salt, occurring naturally and produced synthetically, used in fertilizer, as a meat preservative, and as a constituent of gunpowder

phenylmercuric nitrate US English

A white, crystalline solid, (C6H5)2Hg2(OH)NO3, used mainly as a fungicide and disinfectant.