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obedience US English

Compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority

obedience US Thesaurus

the party leadership wants blind obedience to their policies

non-obedience US English

Failure or refusal to obey.

obedience class US English

A class at which dogs are taught to be obedient.

obedience test US English

= obedience trial; occasionally also applied to a similar trial for other animals.

obedience-train US English

To teach (a dog) to be obedient.

obedience trial US English

A competition to test the obedience of dogs.

active obedience US English

Theology. Christ's perfect and complete deference to God in carrying out his laws and commands, as distinguished from his suffering and dying on the cross.

obedience school US English

A school at which dogs are taught to be obedient.

obedience-trained US English

(Of a dog) that has been taught to be obedient.

obedience training US English

The process of teaching a dog to obey orders.

passive obedience US English

Theology the submission of Christ to the will of his Father, leading to his suffering and death on the Cross.

in obedience to US English

In accordance with