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occupation US English

A job or profession

occupation US Thesaurus

his father's occupation

occupation road US English

A private road for the use of the occupiers of certain land.

occupation bridge US English

A bridge for the use of the occupiers of land, as one connecting parts of a farm, etc., separated by a canal or railway.

occupation centre US English

An establishment where occupational therapy is practised or where mentally handicapped people are trained or employed.

occupation disease US English

= occupational disease.

occupation number US English

The number of particles in a system that are in any given energy level or quantum state.

multiple occupation US English

Occupation of a dwelling by more than person or household, with shared facilities such as kitchen or bathroom

occupation neurosis US English

A disorder of nerves or muscles caused by or related to the patient's occupation; specifically muscle spasm or cramp associated with a repetitive manual activity.

reserved occupation US English

An occupation from which a person will not be taken for military service

house in multiple occupation US English

A house or other dwelling in which several different households are living, sharing facilities such as a kitchen or bathroom

preoccupation US English

The state or condition of being preoccupied or engrossed with something