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office US English

A room, set of rooms, or building used as a place for commercial, professional, or bureaucratic work

Office in office US English

The quarters, staff, or collective authority of a particular government department or agency

office US Thesaurus

her office on Union Street

back office US English

An office or center in which the administrative work of a business is carried out, as opposed to its dealings with customers

box office US English

A place at a theater or other arts establishment where tickets are bought or reserved

gas office US English

The office of a gas company.

head office US English

The principal office of a business organization, constituting the centre for administration and policymaking

Holy Office US English

The ecclesiastical court of the Roman Catholic Church established as the final court of appeal in trials of heresy. Formed in 1542 as part of the Inquisition, it was renamed the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 1965

Home Office US English

The British government department dealing with domestic affairs, including law and order, immigration, and broadcasting, in England and Wales

job office US English

(Chiefly in the construction industry) an office which oversees and coordinates the pieces of work to be carried out on a particular project.

land office US English

A government office recording dealings in public land

law office US English

A lawyer’s office

life office US English

An office or company dealing in life insurance

main office US English

The principal office of an organization constituting the centre for administration and policymaking

Navy Office US English

(A former name for) the Admiralty building in London.

office boy US English

A young man employed to do less important jobs in a business office

office copy US English

A copy of a document, etc., kept in the office for reference; also in extended use.

office girl US English

A young woman employed to do routine tasks in a business office

office hymn US English

A Latin plainsong hymn appointed to be sung as part of the Divine Office (chiefly historical); a translation of such a hymn used in Anglican worship.

office lady US English

(In Japan) a woman working in an office

office man US English

A man who works in or runs an office.

office park US English

An area where a number of office buildings are built together on landscaped grounds

office wife US English

A man's female secretary.

Oval Office US English

The office of the president of the US, in the White House

Pipe Office US English

The office in the Exchequer in which pipe rolls are drawn up. Compare pipe. Now historical.

post office US English

The public department or corporation responsible for mail services and (in some countries) telecommunications

rat office US English

= rat printing office.

War Office US English

A former department of the British government that was in charge of the army (incorporated into the Ministry of Defence in 1964)

assay office US English

An establishment for the assaying of ores and metals

church office US English

A position or post in the clergy.

Crown Office US English

A Scottish law court responsible for listing cases to be tried in Scotland

field office US English

Military a position or placement as a field officer (now rare).

front office US English

The management or administrative officers of a business or other organization

India Office US English

(Originally) the office of the Board of Control dealing with the administration of the East India Company's territories; (in later use) the office of the British Government, established in 1858, which was responsible for the administration of British India.

Irish Office US English

A department of the British Government concerned with Irish affairs; the building in London (later also in Dublin) housing this; the civil servants working in this department, considered collectively.

letter office US English

= post office.

livery office US English

US the office of a livery business offering stabling for or hire of horses, etc.

mobile office US English

A portable combination of computing and telecommunication equipment which a person can use to work when away from the office.

night office US English

A part of the canonical office or monastic cycle of prayer traditionally performed during the night; specifically matins.

office-bearer US English

A person holding a position of authority in an organization

office block US English

A large multistorey building containing the offices of one or more companies

office hours US English

The hours during which business is normally conducted

office junior US English

The youngest or newest member of the staff of an office, employed especially in minor jobs

office party US English

A party held for members of the staff of an office

office piano US English

A typewriter.

office space US English

Space within a building available as business premises

office tower US English

A tall building containing offices.

office worker US English

An employee who works in an office, especially one engaged in clerical or administrative work

patent office US English

An office from which patents are issued

police office US English

Originally: the headquarters of the police force in a city or town. Now: an office dealing with enquiries, reports of minor crimes, and other non-urgent police business.

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