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one US English

The lowest cardinal number; half of two; 1

-one US English

Forming nouns denoting various compounds, especially ketones

one US Thesaurus

each one is loosely wrapped

a heck of a —— US English

Used for emphasis in various statements or exclamations

a hell of a —— US English

Used to emphasize something very bad or great

a hundred percent US English

Entirely; completely

not for a moment US English

Not at all; never

i in one US English

The lowest cardinal number; half of two; 1

in a sense US English

Used to indicate a particular interpretation of a statement or situation

at a stroke US English

By a single action having immediate effect

at a whack US English

At one time

have it coming US English

Be due for retribution on account of something bad that one has done

no one US English

No person; not a single person

at one US English

In agreement or harmony

one up US English

Having a psychological advantage over someone

no one US Thesaurus

no one shed a tear when he was fired

one day US English

At a particular but unspecified time in the past

for one US English

Used to stress that the person named holds the specified view, even if no one else does

the one US English

A person’s destined life partner

one-man US English

Involving, done, or operated by only one person

one-off US English

Done, made, or happening only once and not repeated

one-pub US English

(Of a town) small and with few and poor facilities

one-two US English

A pair of punches in quick succession, especially with alternate hands

one-use US English

Denoting or relating to a product that is intended to be discarded after being used once; disposable

one-way US English

Moving or allowing movement in one direction only

every one US English

Each one

one flesh US English

Used to refer to the spiritual and physical union of two people in a relationship, especially marriage

nice one US English

Expressing approval or commendation

one-acter US English

A one-act play

one-click US English

Denoting a process or procedure that can be completed with one click of a button on a computer mouse, touchpad, etc.

one-down US English

At a psychological disadvantage in a game or a competitive situation

one-horse US English

Drawn by or using a single horse

one-liner US English

A short joke or witty remark

one-party US English

Relating to or denoting a system of government in which only one political party is permitted

one-piece US English

(Especially of an article of clothing) made or consisting of a single piece

one-shot US English

Achieved with a single attempt or action

one-sided US English

Unfairly giving or dealing with only one side of a contentious issue or question; biased or partial

one-star US English

(Especially of a hotel or restaurant) given one star in a grading system in which this denotes the lowest class or quality

one-step US English

A vigorous kind of ballroom dance in duple time

one-stop US English

(Of a store or other business) capable of supplying all a customer’s needs within a particular range of goods or services

one-touch US English

(Of an electrical device or facility) able to be operated simply at or as though at the touch of a button

one-woman US English

Involving, done, or operated by only one woman

one-world US English

Of, relating to, or holding the view that the world’s inhabitants are interdependent and should behave accordingly

page-one US English

Worthy of being featured on the front page of a newspaper or magazine

plus-one US English

A person’s guest at a social function

route one US English

The use of long kicks upfield as an attacking tactic

one-sided US Thesaurus

a one-sided account

one-time US Thesaurus

a one-time Little League coach

one by one US English

Separately and in succession; singly

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