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one US English

The lowest cardinal number; half of two; 1

-one US English

Forming nouns denoting various compounds, especially ketones

a heck of a —— US English

Used for emphasis in various statements or exclamations

a hell of a —— US English

Used to emphasize something very bad or great

a hundred percent US English

Entirely; completely

not for a moment US English

Not at all; never

i in one US English

The lowest cardinal number; half of two; 1

in a sense US English

Used to indicate a particular interpretation of a statement or situation

at a stroke US English

By a single action having immediate effect

at a whack US English

At one time

have it coming US English

Be due for retribution on account of something bad that one has done

one US Thesaurus

each one is loosely wrapped

one–one US English

= one-to-one.

many–one US English

Designating or relating to a correspondence or relation such that two or more members of one set are associated with or related to each member of a second set, many-to-one.

one–many US English

Designating a correspondence or relation in which each member of one set is associated with or related to more than one member of a second set.

one one US English

(Formerly at Cambridge University) a degree in the first section of the first class.

one-one US English

Caribbean, United States regional, and Indian English. One by one, bit by bit; one after the other; individually.

no one US English

No person; not a single person

at one US English

In agreement or harmony

one up US English

Having a psychological advantage over someone

no one US Thesaurus

no one shed a tear when he was fired

big one US English

Originally and chiefly US. A large sum of money, especially one thousand (occasionally one million) dollars or (British) pounds; a note of large denomination. Also (usually plural): one dollar or (British) one pound.

one day US English

At a particular but unspecified time in the past

god-one US English

A person who is God or a god.

new one US English

An idea, circumstance, joke, etc., not previously encountered; frequently with on (a person).

old one US English

Frequently with the. An elderly person, especially one's father or mother; (Irish English and Liverpool) an old woman; also applied familiarly to a person who is deceased. Also, in oral cultures: a senior member of a social group, especially one who preserves the history and traditions of the group.

for one US English

Used to stress that the person named holds the specified view, even if no one else does

the one US English

A person’s destined life partner

one-act US English

Designating a play or other production consisting of only one act.

one-arm US English

Performed with, or using, only one arm.

one-bar US English

(Of an electric fire) having only one heating element.

one-egg US English

Characterized by or consisting of a single egg.

one-man US English

Involving, done, or operated by only one person

one-off US English

Done, made, or happening only once and not repeated

one-pip US English

A second lieutenant; = one-pipper.

one-pot US English

Of, relating to, or designating a method of cooking whereby all the ingredients are cooked in one pot; also in extended use.

one-pub US English

(Of a town) small and with few and poor facilities

one-two US English

A pair of punches in quick succession, especially with alternate hands

one-use US English

Denoting or relating to a product that is intended to be discarded after being used once; disposable

one-way US English

Moving or allowing movement in one direction only

our one US English

(In plural) one's family.

cool one US English

= cold one.

every one US English

Each one

one flesh US English

Used to refer to the spiritual and physical union of two people in a relationship, especially marriage

live one US English

A racehorse which is worth betting on (now rare).

loved one US English

A person who is a member of one’s family or a close friend

nice one US English

Expressing approval or commendation

one-acter US English

A one-act play

one-armed US English

Having or using only one arm

one-back US English

Designating an offensive formation in which only one player lines up behind the quarterback.

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