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open US English

Allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked up

open US Thesaurus

the door's open

keep an eye out US English

Look out for something with particular attention

Open in open US English

With no restrictions on those allowed to attend or participate

open up US English

Begin shooting

open go US English

A fair chance

open fire US English

Begin to shoot a weapon

open air US English

A free or unenclosed space outdoors

open bar US English

A bar at a special function at which the drinks have been paid for by the host or are prepaid through an admission fee

open bite US English

Lack of occlusion of the front teeth when the jaw is closed normally

open book US English

A person or thing that is easily understood or interpreted

open city US English

A city declared to be unfortified and undefended and so, by international law, exempt from enemy attack

open date US English

A future date for which no event has yet been arranged

open day US English

A day when members of the public may visit a place or institution to which they do not usually have access

open door US English

Free or unrestricted means of admission or access

open-eyed US English

With the eyes open or wide open

open ice US English

Ice-covered water through which navigation is possible

open jaw US English

Denoting or relating to a trip in which an airline passenger flies in to one destination and returns from another

open line US English

A means of easy access or communication

open mike US English

A session in a club during which anyone is welcome to sing or perform stand-up comedy

open-pit US English

Denoting a method of mining in which coal or ore is extracted at or from a level near the earth’s surface, rather than from underground workings

open-plan US English

(Of a building or floor plan) having large open areas with few or no internal dividing walls

open-reel US English

(Of an audiotape recorder) having reels of tape requiring individual threading, as distinct from a cassette

open road US English

A road or highway allowing easy travel, especially one outside an urban area

open sea US English

An expanse of sea away from land

open shop US English

A system whereby employees in a place of work are not required to join a labor union

open side US English

The side of the scrum on which the main line of the opponents' backs is ranged

open-toed US English

(Of a shoe) having an upper that does not cover the toes

open-top US English

(Of a vehicle) not having a roof or having a folding or detachable roof

wide open US English

Fully open

open-air US Thesaurus

an open-air market

open access US English

Availability to all

open carry US English

The practice of openly carrying a firearm on one’s person in public

open chain US English

A molecular structure consisting of a chain of atoms with no closed rings

open-ended US English

Having no determined limit or boundary

open-faced US English

Having a frank or ingenuous expression

open-hearth US English

Denoting a steelmaking process in which the charge is laid on a hearth in a shallow furnace and heated by burning gas

open house US English

A place or situation in which all visitors are welcome

open letter US English

A letter, often critical, addressed to a particular person or group of people but intended for publication

open market US English

An unrestricted market with free access by and competition of buyers and sellers

open-minded US English

Willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced

open-necked US English

(Of a dress shirt) worn with the collar unbuttoned and without a tie

open outcry US English

A system of financial trading in which dealers shout their bids and contracts aloud

open prison US English

A prison with the minimum of restrictions on prisoners' movements and activities

open range US English

A large area of grazing land without fences or other barriers

open season US English

A period when restrictions on the hunting of certain types of wildlife are lifted

open secret US English

A supposed secret that is in fact known to many people

open sesame US English

A free or unrestricted means of admission or access

open-source US English

Denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified

open stock US English

Merchandise, especially china, silverware, and glassware, that is sold in sets and kept in stock so that customers can purchase or replace individual pieces

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