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or1 US English

Used to link alternatives

or2 US English

Gold or yellow, as a heraldic tincture

OR US English

Operational research

-or1 US English

(Forming nouns) denoting a person or thing performing the action of a verb, or denoting another agent

-or2 US English

Forming adjectives expressing a comparative sense

-or3 US English

Forming nouns denoting a state or condition

-or4 US English

US form of -our.

operating room US English

A room in a hospital specially equipped for surgical operations

OR in operating room US English

A room in a hospital specially equipped for surgical operations

OR gate in or1 US English

A circuit that gives an output signal if there is a signal on any of its inputs

and what have you US English

And/or anything else similar

or no US English

Or not

or so US English

(After a quantity) approximately

and/or US English

Either or both of two stated possibilities

or else US English

Used to introduce the second of two alternatives

either/or US English

An unavoidable choice between two alternatives

or worse US English

Used to suggest a possibility that is still more serious or unpleasant than one already considered, but that the speaker does not wish or need to specify

or anything US English

Added as a general reference to other things similar to the thing mentioned

do or die US English

Persist, even if death is the result

do-or-die US English

(Of a person’s attitude or a situation) showing or requiring a determination not to compromise or be deterred

—— or no —— US English

Regardless of the specified thing

or whatever US English

Or anything similar

or whenever US English

Or at any time

or wherever US English

Or any similar place

exclusive OR US English

A Boolean operator working on two variables that has the value of one if one but not both of the variables has a value of one

or otherwise US English

Indicating the opposite of or a contrast to something stated

Palme d'Or US English

An award given annually to the film judged as the best shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

or something US English

Added as a reference to an unspecified alternative similar to the thing mentioned

all-or-none US English

another way of saying all-or-nothing.

hit-or-miss US English

As likely to be unsuccessful as successful

more or less US English

Speaking imprecisely; to a certain extent

now or never US English

Used to convey urgency

odd or even US English

Any of various games, usually played by children, especially a guessing game involving a random number of objects concealed in a player's hand. Now chiefly archaic, US, and British regional.

pay-or-play US English

A situation or system in which the options are either to participate or to pay a financial or other penalty; (now) especially (US) any of various (proposed) schemes in which employers are legally obliged either to provide health care insurance, pension contributions, etc., for their employees, or to pay into a government fund for this purpose. Chiefly attributive.

sink or swim US English

Fail or succeed entirely by one’s own efforts

a —— or two US English

Used to denote a small but unspecified number

win or lose US English

Whether one succeeds or fails

not US English

Used as a short substitute for a negative clause

hit-or-miss US Thesaurus

even his approach to finding a job is hit-or-miss

all-or-nothing US English

Having no middle position or compromise available

death-or-glory US English

Brave to the point of foolhardiness; reckless

make or break US English

Be the factor that decides whether (something) will succeed or fail

once or twice US English

A few times

one or another US English

Denoting or referring to a particular but unspecified one out of a set of items

plus or minus US English

Used to define the margin of error of an estimate or calculation

rain or shine US English

Whether it rains or not

trick or treat US English

A children’s custom of calling at houses at Halloween with the threat of pranks if they are not given a small gift (often used as a greeting by children doing this)

whether or no US English

Whether or not

fish or cut bait US English

Stop vacillating and act on something or disengage from it

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