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order US English

The arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method

order US Thesaurus

alphabetical order

Order! US English

A call for silence or the observance of prescribed procedures by someone in charge of a trial, legislative assembly, etc.

Order! in order US English

A call for silence or the observance of prescribed procedures by someone in charge of a trial, legislative assembly, etc.

Order in order US English

A society of monks, priests, nuns, etc., living according to certain religious and social regulations and discipline and at least some of whose members take solemn vows

to order US English

According to a customer’s specific request or requirements

gag order US English

A judge’s order that a case may not be discussed in public

new order US English

A new system, regime, or government

old order US English

Usually with the. An old or outmoded method or system of doing things; specifically an old regime or government.

in order US English

According to a particular sequence

on order US English

(Of goods) requested but not yet received from the supplier or manufacturer

order man US English

A man who takes or makes out orders.

order-pad US English

A pad of order forms.

after-order US English

A later or subsequent order.

court order US English

A direction issued by a court or a judge requiring a person to do or not do something

first-order US English

Of or relating to the simplest or most fundamental level of organization, experience, or analysis; primary or immediate

giant order US English

An order whose columns extend through more than one story

going order US English

= working order.

limit order US English

A direction given to a broker to buy or sell a security or commodity at a specified price or better

mail order US English

The selling of goods to customers by mail, generally involving selection from a special catalog

micro-order US English

A microinstruction produced by a microprogram.

money order US English

A printed order for payment of a specified sum, issued by a bank or post office

open order US English

Army. A formation of regularly spaced men, horses, etc.; especially one in which individual soldiers are two or more yards apart. Usually with preceding in (also †at).

order arms US English

Hold a rifle with its butt on the ground close to one’s right side

order book US English

A book in which orders are entered as they are received by a business, especially regarded as a measure of the organization’s success

order clerk US English

A clerk who enters business orders.

order form US English

A printed form on which a customer writes the details of a product or service they wish to order

order mark US English

A minor school punishment.

Order Paper US English

A paper on which the day’s business for a legislative assembly is entered

order wire US English

A channel or path in a communication system used for signals controlling or directing system operations.

over-order US English

To place too large an order. Also with object: to order too much of (a commodity, etc.).

peace order US English

A court order offering protection to certain classes of person who are not eligible to petition for a protective order

print order US English

An order for a certain quantity (of an issue of a book, paper, etc.) to be printed.

rank order US English

An arrangement of the members of a set in order, as though each member had assigned to it one of a series of consecutive integers.

rank-order US English

To arrange in rank order.

rush order US English

An order for goods required urgently.

short order US English

An order or dish of food that can be quickly prepared and served

space-order US English

An ordering of points, objects, or events in space.

well-order US English

To order (something) properly or carefully; to arrange well. Now rare.

word order US English

The sequence of words in a sentence, especially as governed by grammatical rules and as affecting meaning

world order US English

A system controlling events in the world, especially a set of arrangements established internationally for preserving global political stability

acting order US English

An order for acting in a certain capacity; (Navy) a temporary appointment to a vacant position which may or may not be confirmed by a higher authority at a later date.

banker's order US English

A standing order to a bank to make specified payments from one’s account to a particular recipient

batting order US English

The order in which batters take their turn at bat

church order US English

A regulation or code of regulations decreed by ecclesiastical or scriptural authority; (also as a mass noun) such regulations collectively.

closing order US English

An order by a local authority prohibiting the use of premises for specified purposes

higher-order US English

Involving reasoning of a high level

market order US English

A direction given to a broker or dealer to buy or (usually) to sell a security, commodity, etc., immediately at the market price.

middle order US English

A middle rank or class.

natural order US English

The order presumed to be present in the constitution of matter and the operation of forces in nature and society.

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