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overtime US English

Time in addition to what is normal, as time worked beyond one’s scheduled working hours

overtime English-Spanish

horas fpl extra(s), sobretiempo mChi, Per

to work overtime in overtime English-Spanish

hacer* horas extra(s), trabajar sobretiempo

ask her about doing overtime in ask English-Spanish

pregúntale si sería posible hacer horas extras

my brain was working overtime in overtime English-Spanish

mi cerebro estaba trabajando a toda máquina

I'm sick of doing unpaid overtime in unpaid English-Spanish

estoy harta de hacer horas extras sin que me paguen

if I do overtime I get a bit more in get English-Spanish

si hago horas extras saco un poco más

you don't get paid overtime, you get time off in lieu in lieu English-Spanish

no te pagan horas extra, te dan horas/días libres a cambio