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package US English

An object or group of objects wrapped in paper or plastic, or packed in a box

package US Thesaurus

the delivery of a package

care package US English

A parcel of food, money, or luxury items sent to a loved one who is away

package store US English

A store that sells alcoholic beverages in sealed containers for consumption elsewhere; a liquor store

package tour US English

A vacation organized by a travel agent, with arrangements for transportation, accommodations, etc., made at an inclusive price

power package US English

A self-contained source of electrical power.

prize package US English

A package containing a prize; (also) a prize (from a contest, etc.) having various elements; a complete or comprehensive prize.

benefit package US English

= benefits package.

package dealer US English

A person who offers or provides a package deal.

package ticket US English

A discounted ticket entitling the holder to a specified number of journeys or admissions.

rescue package US English

A package (literal and figurative) providing aid or assistance to someone in danger or need; (now chiefly) Finance a set of financial measures intended to alleviate economic difficulties.

benefits package US English

The range of benefits or perks provided by an employer in addition to wages or salary.

original package US English

The package or packaging in which goods are sent out from the place of manufacture.

pressure package US English

= pressure pack.

package deal in package US English

A set of proposals or terms offered or agreed to as a whole

prepackage US English

Pack or wrap (goods, especially food) on the site of production or before sale

repackage US English

Package again or differently