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paint US English

A colored substance that is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating

paint US Thesaurus

a gallon of white paint

oil paint US English

A paste made with ground pigment and a drying oil such as linseed oil, used chiefly by artists

out-paint US English

To outdo or surpass in painting; to paint better or more than.

paint gun US English

An air gun firing capsules of paint, used in the game of paintball

paint-in US English

An organized gathering at which people paint, especially as part of a campaign, protest, etc.

paint job US English

The decorative or finishing application of paint to an object

paint pad US English

A (usually fabric) pad backed with foam and mounted on a handle, used to apply paint to a surface.

paint pot US English

A small container for holding paint

paint-up US English

(In Aboriginal English) the decoration of the body for ceremonial purposes

Red Paint US English

Attributive designating or relating to an ancient North American Indian people known from burials in which large quantities of red ochre were used.

face paint US English

Bold-colored paint used to decorate the face

milk paint US English

A paint made from milk, lime, natural colouring, and sometimes linseed oil; frequently used on 19th-cent. North American furniture and home interiors, or on later North American designs reproducing or influenced by these.

nose paint US English

Intoxicating liquor.

paint card US English

A card showing a graduated range of paint colours.

paint chip US English

A card showing a color or a range of related colors available in a type of paint

paint film US English

A film of paint; (also) the protective layer which forms on the surface of paint when it dries.

paint frame US English

A movable metal framework for moving scenes from the stage to the paint-bridge.

paint mark US English

A mark made with or by paint.

paint-mark US English

To mark with paint.

paint mill US English

A mill in which paints or pigments are ground or manufactured.

paint mixer US English

A liquid in which pigment is suspended to create paint.

paint room US English

A room in which paints are stored.

paint shop US English

The part of a factory where goods are painted, typically by spraying

paint stick US English

A stick of water-soluble paint used like a crayon

paint stone US English

A stone which, when ground, yields powder that can be used as pigment; this powder.

spray paint US English

Paint that is contained in an aerosol can for the purpose of spraying onto a surface

word-paint US English

To describe or depict vividly in words; to make a word picture of.

finger paint US English

Thick paint designed to be applied with the fingers, used especially by young children

Indian paint US English

Any of several North American plants, whose roots yield coloured dyes; especially (more fully yellow Indian paint) goldenseal, Hydrastis canadensis, and (more fully red Indian paint) bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensis.

paint-bridge US English

A movable platform on which a scene-painter stands.

paint-burner US English

An apparatus which uses a flame to burn or soften paint, so that it can be removed.

paint kettle US English

A container with a handle used to hold paint during use

paint program US English

An application which facilitates the creation of digital graphics.

paint roller US English

A roller covered in wool, sponge, synthetic fiber, or other absorbent material for applying paint to a surface, especially in interior decorating

paint scraper US English

A person who scrapes paint from walls.

paint sprayer US English

= paint spray.

plastic paint US English

Paint which is thick and coarse enough to retain a texture given to it by a brush, spatula, etc.

poster paint US English

An opaque paint with a water-soluble binder, used for posters and children’s paintings

powder paint US English

An opaque water-soluble paint in powder form.

metallic paint US English

(Originally) paint containing a metal oxide; (later) any paint with a metallic lustre.

paint-by-number US English

Denoting a picture marked out in advance into sections that are numbered according to the color to be used

paint a picture of US English

Describe (someone or something) in a particular way

paint the town (red) US English

Go out and enjoy oneself flamboyantly

like watching paint dry US English

(Of an activity or experience) extremely boring

paint something out in paint US English

Efface something with paint

paint oneself into a corner US English

Leave oneself no means of escape or room to maneuver

repaint US English

Cover with a new coat of paint

paintbox US English

A box holding dry paints for painting pictures

warpaint US English

A pigment or paint traditionally used in some societies, especially those of North American Indians, to decorate the face and body before battle

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