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parallel US English

(Of lines, planes, surfaces, or objects) side by side and having the same distance continuously between them

parallel US Thesaurus

parallel lines

in parallel US English

Occurring at the same time and having some connection

non-parallel US English

Not parallel.

parallel bars US English

A pair of parallel rails mounted on posts, used in gymnastics

parallel port US English

A connector for a device that sends or receives several bits of data simultaneously by using more than one wire

parallel text US English

One of two or more versions of a literary work, etc., printed in a format which allows direct textual comparison, often on facing or consecutive pages of the same volume; a text containing different versions of the same work (e.g. in its original language and in translation) set out in such a way.

parallel turn US English

A turn with the skis kept parallel to each other

parallel action US English

An editing technique and narrative device for showing two simultaneous events by repeatedly cutting between two pieces of action which are shown concurrently.

parallel forces US English

Forces acting in parallel directions.

parallel knife US English

A knife having two close-set parallel blades, used for cutting thin sections of a specimen for inspection under a microscope.

parallel lathe US English

A small lathe used by jewellers, dentists, etc., consisting of a spindle bearing several grinding wheels of different sizes, as well as a brush, drill, etc., which all operate simultaneously.

parallel market US English

An unofficial market in goods or currencies, especially in a country with a controlled economy

parallel-medium US English

Relating to or denoting schools in which two languages are used in separate classes

parallel motion US English

The motion of bodies which are moving in parallel directions, of one body in a direction parallel to another, or of a body which points in the same direction at every point of the motion.

parallel roads US English

A series of parallel terraces occurring on the sides of a glacial valley, each of which represents a former shoreline or beach corresponding to a temporary level of a glacial lake.

parallel ruler US English

An instrument for drawing parallel lines, consisting of two or more rulers connected by jointed crosspieces so as to be always parallel, at whatever distance they are set

parallel skier US English

A person who skis using parallel turns when changing direction.

parallel skiing US English

Skiing in this manner.

parallel-veined US English

(Of a leaf) having approximately parallel veins (of roughly equal width) throughout most of its length, as in most monocotyledons.

parallel world US English

A fictional or hypothesized world held to exist alongside or in addition to the known world.

plane-parallel US English

Both plane and parallel.

series-parallel US English

Involving a combination or alternation of series and parallel connections; specifically designating a method of control of two or more electric traction motors in which the motors work in series on starting and are switched to parallel working when a certain speed is reached.

limiting parallel US English

A parallel line or parallel of latitude that constitutes a limit or boundary; (Astronomy) each of the two parallels of latitude within which the moon is able to obscure a particular star or planet by occultation.

massively parallel US English

(Of a computer) consisting of many individual processing units, and thus able to execute many different parts of a program at the same time

parallel cousins US English

First cousins who are children of two brothers, or of two sisters

parallel economy US English

Economic activity which takes place outside officially sanctioned and regulated channels of commerce.

parallel evolution US English

Evolution following a similar course in related groups of organisms; parallelism.

parallel importer US English

A person or company trading in parallel imports.

parallel imports US English

Goods imported by unlicensed distributors for sale at less than the manufacturer’s official retail price

parallel interface US English

A type of data interface (used especially to connect a peripheral device to a computer) in which the bits comprising a single byte or word are transmitted in parallel, each on a separate line or connection, with control signals being transmitted on additional dedicated connections.

parallel parking US English

The parking of a vehicle or vehicles parallel to the roadside

parallel postulate US English

The fifth postulate of the first book of Euclid's Elements, which states that if two straight lines are cut by a third, and the sum of the interior angles on one side of the third line is less than two right angles, then the two straight lines meet on that side of the third, or (equivalently), given a straight line and a point not on the line, there exists only one straight line through the point parallel to the given line.

parallel processor US English

A computer or processor that performs parallel processing.

parallel sailing US English

Sailing along a parallel of latitude, i.e. directly east or west.

parallel tracking US English

Tracking in which the pick-up on a record player is kept tangential to the record groove by a rectilinear motion of the arm; frequently attributive.

parallel universe US English

(In quantum mechanics) a universe theorized as existing alongside our own, although undetectable

forty-ninth parallel US English

The parallel of latitude 49° north of the equator, especially referred to as the boundary between Canada and the US west of Lake of the Woods

parallel development US English

The policy of racial segregation in southern Africa (used especially in or with reference to official government terminology).

parallel perspective US English

Perspective in which the plane of the drawing is parallel to a principal surface of the object delineated.

parallel processing US English

A mode of computer operation in which a process is split into parts that execute simultaneously on different processors attached to the same computer

parallel distributed processing US English

Another term for connectionism.

in parallel in parallel US English

Occurring at the same time and having some connection

subparallel US English

Almost parallel

antiparallel US English

Parallel but moving or oriented in opposite directions

parallel of latitude in parallel US English

Each of the imaginary parallel circles of constant latitude on the earth’s surface

uneven bars US English

A pair of parallel bars set at different heights, used in women’s gymnastics

uneven parallel bars in uneven bars US English

A pair of parallel bars set at different heights, used in women’s gymnastics

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