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park US English

A large public green area in a town, used for recreation

Park, Mungo US English

(1771–1806), Scottish explorer. He undertook a series of explorations in western Africa (1795–97), among them the navigation of the Niger

pouk US English

A small blister, boil, or pustule; a sty on the eyelid.

park US Thesaurus

we were playing in the park

air park US English

An airfield; specifically one used by private light aircraft and situated near a residential area.

car park US English

A parking lot or parking garage

deer park US English

A large enclosed area of ground attached to a country house, in which deer are kept

dog park US English

US a track for dog racing; = dog track.

game park US English

(Especially in Africa) a large area of land set aside as a protected area for wild animals

Hyde Park US English

A town in southeastern New York, on the Hudson River, north of Poughkeepsie, associated with the family of Franklin D. Roosevelt; population 20,270 (est. 2008)

nosy park US English

To be overly inquisitive; to pry, snoop.

Oak Park US English

A village in northeastern Illinois, west of Chicago; population 49,557 (est. 2008)

park home US English

A prefabricated building occupied as a permanent home, located with others in a dedicated area of ground

Park Lane US English

Attributive Of or relating to Park Lane, especially with reference to the grand houses and hotels situated there. Hence allusively: any wealthy and aristocratic area; (by metonymy) the wealthy upper classes; the attitudes or outlook associated with them.

park pale US English

A fence around a park, a park paling.

pram park US English

An area, usually in a public building, where prams may be left.

town park US English

(In Ireland) any of a number of small fields or plots of ground adjoining a town or village, usually let for cultivation or pasture; an allotment.

angle-park US English

To park (a vehicle) at an oblique angle to the kerb. Occasionally in extended use.

Asbury Park US English

A city in east central New Jersey, on the Atlantic Ocean, long a noted resort; population 16,546 (est. 2008)

Bethel Park US English

A borough in southwestern Pennsylvania, south of Pittsburgh; population 31,562 (est. 2008)

Buena Park US English

A city in southern California, southeast of Los Angeles; population 79,379 (est. 2008). Its tourist attractions include Knott’s Berry Farm, a theme park

double-park US English

Park (a vehicle) alongside one that is already parked at the side of the road

field park US English

A depot where equipment and supplies for the use of an army in the field are held.

marine park US English

An area of the sea or seabed set aside for the conservation of marine organisms.

Menlo Park US English

A city in north central California, south of San Francisco; population 30,087 (est. 2008)

meter-park US English

To park (a vehicle) at a parking meter.

motor park US English

A car park (now chiefly W. Afr.).

nature park US English

A public park where the primary attraction is the flora or fauna.

needle park US English

A public area in a city, usually with trees, bushes, benches, etc., where drug addicts gather.

office park US English

An area where a number of office buildings are built together on landscaped grounds

oyster park US English

An oyster bed; an oyster farm.

paper park US English

= paper parking.

Park Avenue US English

A commercial and residential street in Manhattan in New York City, regarded as emblematic of worldly success

park bench US English

A bench in a park provided for the public.

park cattle US English

Animals of a breed of primitive cattle that are maintained in a semi-wild state in several parks in Britain. They are typically white in colour with dark ears and muzzles

park-keeper US English

The caretaker of a park.

park leaves US English

The plant tutsan, Hypericum androsaemum (family Clusiaceae (Guttiferae)), a large-leaved shrubby species of St John's wort. Apparently also: †the chaste tree Vitex agnus-castus (obsolete).

Park Range US English

A range of the Rocky Mountains in southern Wyoming and northern Colorado, west of the Front Range

park ranger US English

A person in charge of patrolling and maintaining a park and enforcing regulations

park warden US English

= park ranger.

peace park US English

A public park created to commemorate the end of a war or to promote the ideal of peace.

pocket park US English

A very small park or area of greenery in an otherwise urban area.

public park US English

A park that is open to the public.

retail park US English

A shopping development situated outside a town or city, typically containing a number of large chain stores

safari park US English

An area of parkland where wild animals are kept in the open and may be observed by visitors driving through

state park US English

A park managed by the state in which it is located.

theme park US English

An amusement park with a unifying setting or idea

Tuxedo Park US English

A village in southeastern New York; population 719 (est. 2008). Developed in the 1880s as a retreat for the rich, it gave its name to the evening jacket

water park US English

A large outdoor area with swimming pools, water slides, and similar attractions

white park US English

(Also white park cattle) a rare old breed of British white long-horned cattle, with dark or red ears, nose, hooves, and teats.

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