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party1 US English

A social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment

party2 US English

Divided into parts of different tinctures

party US Thesaurus

150 people attended the party

party New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

of political organizations, capital only when integral to the name (the Labour Party; party workers)

all-party US English

Involving all political parties

hen party US English

A social gathering of women

one-party US English

Relating to or denoting a system of government in which only one political party is permitted

tea party US English

A social gathering in the afternoon at which tea, cakes, and other light refreshments are served

after-party US English

A party held after an event, especially a concert or another party

Baath Party US English

A pan-Arab socialist party founded in Syria in 1943. Different factions of the Baath Party hold power in Syria and formerly held power in Iraq

block party US English

A party for all the residents of a block or neighborhood, typically held on a closed-off city street

cross-party US English

Involving or relating to two or more political parties

foam party US English

A party, especially in a nightclub, at which guests dance and play in foam or soap suds

Green Party US English

An environmentalist political party

house party US English

A party at which the guests stay at a house overnight or for a few days

kitty party US English

A regular social gathering of women in which each member contributes money to a central pool and lots are drawn to decide which member will get the entire sum

labor party US English

A political party formed to represent the interests of ordinary working people

lawn party US English

A garden party

party boat US English

A boat available for renting by a group of people who want to go fishing

party favor US English

A gift, usually small and inexpensive, given to guests at a party

party-giver US English

A person hosting a party

party line US English

A policy, or the policies collectively, officially adopted by a political party

party list US English

A voting system used with proportional representation, in which people vote for a party rather than a candidate. Each party is assigned a number of seats that reflects its share of the vote

party piece US English

A poem, song, or trick regularly performed by someone in order to entertain others

party plan US English

A sales strategy involving the demonstration of goods at parties in people’s homes

party wall US English

A wall common to two adjoining buildings or rooms

pity party US English

An instance of indulging in self-pity or eliciting pity from other people

rent party US English

A party held to raise money to pay rent by charging guests for attendance

stag party US English

A celebration held for a man shortly before his wedding, attended by his male friends only

third party US English

A person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation, especially a dispute

wrap party US English

A party held to celebrate when the shooting of a film has been completed

Baath Party New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

Iraqi and Syrian socialist party

third party New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(two words, hyphen when attributive)

bottle party US English

A party to which guests bring bottles of drink

charter party US English

A deed between a shipowner and a trader for the hire of a ship and the delivery of cargo

concert party US English

A group of performers giving variety concerts

country party US English

A political party supporting agricultural rather than manufacturing interests

dinner party US English

A social occasion at which guests eat dinner together

firing party US English

A group of soldiers detailed to fire the salute at a military funeral

garden party US English

A social event held outdoors on a lawn or in a garden

Labour Party US English

A major left-of-center British party that since World War II has been in power 1945–51, 1964–70, 1974–79, and 1997–2010. Arising from the trade union movement at the end of the 19th century, it replaced the Liberals as the country’s second party after World War I

Liberal Party US English

A political party advocating liberal policies, in particular a British party that emerged in the 1860s from the old Whig Party and until World War I was one of the two major parties in Britain. The name was discontinued in official use in 1988 when the party regrouped with elements of the Social Democratic Party to form the Social and Liberal Democrats, now known as the Liberal Democrats

necktie party US English

A lynching or hanging

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