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paste US English

A thick, soft, moist substance, usually produced by mixing dry ingredients with a liquid

paste US Thesaurus

blend the ingredients to a paste

paste-up US English

A document prepared for copying or printing by combining and pasting various sections on a backing

paste-up New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

copy consisting of different sections on a backing

fish paste US English

A savoury spread made with fish

hard-paste US English

Denoting true porcelain made of fusible and infusible materials (usually kaolin and china stone) fired at a high temperature. Developed in early medieval China, it was not made in Europe until the early 18th century

soft-paste US English

Denoting artificial porcelain, typically made with white clay and ground glass and fired at a comparatively low temperature

almond paste US English

Another term for marzipan.

cut and paste US English

A process in which text or other data is moved from one part of a document and inserted elsewhere

scissors and paste US English

Another term for cut and paste.

pasteboard US English

A type of thin board made by pasting together sheets of paper

pastedown US English

(In bookbinding) the part of an endpaper that is pasted to the inside of the cover